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Use of open government data in the COVID-19 crisis

The OECD is calling for evidence on the release and use of Open Government Data (OGD) in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please tell us what data are being released and how entrepreneurs, media, researchers, CSOs, and the public sector are innovating to support countries’ policies and actions.

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International regulatory co-operation

The draft OECD Best Practice Principles on International Regulatory Co-operation are made available for public consultation. Their aim is to provide policy makers and civil servants with practical guidance in support of economic prosperity, welfare and the public interest.

Submit your input by 3 March 2021
Trusted nuclear safety regulators

The Nuclear Energy Agency is collecting views and feedback about how to build, maintain and enhance trust between nuclear safety regulators and the stakeholders and public they engage with, in order to develop a regulatory guidance report outlining organisational characteristics for this.

Take the survey by 22 March 2021
Protection & promotion of civic space in Brazil

In the context of the open government review of Brazil, the OECD's Observatory of Civic Space is calling for suggestions and ideas from Brazilian non-governmental actors on how to protect, promote and strengthen civic space and citizen engagement practices in public life.

Submit your input by 31 March 2021
Protection & promotion of civic space in Tunisia

In the context of a civic space scan of Tunisia, the OECD's Observatory of Civic Space is collecting Tunisian non-governmental actors' views and experiences on how to protect, promote and strengthen civic space and citizen engagement practices in public life.

Submit your input by 31 March 2021
Design of retirement saving pension plans

The Revised OECD Roadmap for the Good Design of Defined Contribution Retirement Savings Plan identifies elements of good design and public policy to assist countries to strengthen retirement income adequacy in an environment where pension benefits result from assets accumulated during working life.

Send your comments by 14 April 2021
Anti-corruption law enforcement in Africa

The OECD seeks to collect information on challenges and good practices for anti-corruption law enforcement in Africa during the COVID-19 crisis. With emergency measures taken, you may have been required to adapt to dramatically different working conditions and increased risks of fraud and corruption.

Take the survey by 23 April 2021

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Apprenticeships for greener economies and societies

Call for paper by Cedefop and the OECD on research or analysis identifying and discussing links between apprenticeships and challenges posed by the transition towards green economy/society and implications for policy making in the run up to the 2021 joint symposium on the subject on 21-22 October.

Submit abstracts by 3 May 2021
Innovations on cross-border collaboration

2021 Call for innovations in government, focused on ways government are innovating through cross-border collaboration: multiple countries, regions, or cities working together in new and interesting ways to solve common challenges, or governments collaborating to achieve new policies and services.

Send your innovation by 21 May 2021
Taxation of transactions between associated enterprises

The OECD invites public input on proposed changes to Commentaries in the OECD Model Tax Convention on Article 9 and on related articles dealing with the taxation of transactions between associated enterprises, to clarify its application as it relates to domestic laws on interest deductibility.

Submit your input by 28 May 2021
I am the Future of Work. Now what?

The way we learn, work and live is changing faster than we even realise. How does it affect you? If you are between 15 and 30, share your insights thanks to this youth consultation. Understanding your expectations and hearing your ideas will help us design better policies.

Take the survey by 18 June 2021
The International Survey of Science (ISSA)

The ISSA collects data and information on key topical issues for the global scientific community. It aims to provide a timely picture of the state of science to complement other available statistical evidence and indicators and provide new insights that inform science policy around the world.

Take the survey by 30 June 2021
OECD Framework for classifying AI systems

Artificial intelligence is changing our lives. Smart tools are needed to differentiate between the types of AI systems and the impact that they can have on people’s lives, whether good or bad. Public consultation on the Framework which will allow to assess the systems and inform AI strategies.

Take the test it and comment on the report by 30 June 2021
Agile regulatory governance to harness innovation

This draft Recommendation is presented for public consultation. COVID-19 has forced governments to rethink their approach to rulemaking and develop more agile and co-ordinated regulations to increase responsiveness and resilience in changing environments, harness innovation and protect the public interest.

Send your comments by 2 July 2021

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Youth and COVID-19

To help governments in considering the perspective of young people in the planning and implementation of their response and recovery plans, the OECD is inviting youth organisations to share their concerns over the crisis' long-term effects and ideas on ensuring a fairer and more inclusive recovery.

Take part in the survey by 20 August 2021
Women in the nuclear energy sector

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency is collecting views from women working in the sector. The results of this survey will enable the NEA to give practical advice to its member countries, and will provide crucial data for the international community to formulate policy on improving the gender balance in the nuclear sector.

Take part in the survey by 31 August 2021
How to measure impacts of water governance?

This call for abstracts aims to understand the extent to which the OECD Principles on Water Governance's implementation contributes to enhanced water security and better access, quality and delivery of water and sanitation services, which in turns delivers improved health, environmental and social conditions.

Submit an abstract by 6 September 2021
OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Stocktaking exercise for the 10th anniversary of their last revision to take account of the key developments, achievements and challenges related to them and their unique grievance mechanism (National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct), as well as the ecosystem in which the Guidelines are implemented.

Submit your inputs by 14 September 2021
Decarbonising buildings in cities and regions

Accounting for nearly a third of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions globally, buildings are key to the low carbon transition and green COVID-19 recovery. The objective of the survey is to collect information on the trends, data and policies regarding energy efficiency in buildings across cities and regions in co-operation with the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), contributing to an international compendium that will help unlock the potential for energy efficiency in buildings.

Complete the survey by 3 October 2021
Empower students around climate action

Transforming how our next generation thinks and acts about the environment and the world requires profound changes in teaching and learning. How can we empower students in our classrooms and school to have a real voice and an active role in this pressing issue for our future?

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Youth-led social enterprises

Youth-led social enterprises can play an important role in providing youth with job opportunities while enabling them to have an impact on society and the way we do business. The OECD is looking for best practice examples of successful youth-led social enterprises and policies supporting them.

Complete the survey by 30 November 2021
Adult learning in cities

Labour markets are changing. How is adult learning in cities preparing individuals, firms and local economies for this challenge? In collaboration with partners, the OECD is collecting examples of innovative adult learning programmes in cities to support policies.

Share your stories by 31 December 2021

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