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OECD Information Technology Outlook 2006


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ISBN: 92-64-02643-6
Published: 4 October 2006
Pages: 311

Information technology (IT) and broadband are major drivers of economic change, restructuring businesses, affecting skills and employment, and contributing to growth and consumer benefits. This volume describes recent market dynamics and trends in industries supplying IT goods and services and offers an overview of the globalisation of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector and the rise of ICT-enabled international sourcing.

The OECD Information Technology Outlook 2006 analyses the development and impact of the changing global distribution of services activities and the rise of China and India as significant suppliers of ICT-related goods and services. ICT skills across the economy are also examined to provide insights into the dynamics of job creation and international sourcing.

The 2006 edition also looks at the increasing importance of digital content in selected industries and how it is transforming value chains and business models. The potential of technological developments is examined: ubiquitous networks, location-based services, natural disaster warning systems, the participative web and the convergence of information technology with nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Finally, this volume analyses changes in IT policies in OECD countries and the emergence of new priorities to meet new challenges.

Access to the underlying Excel spreadsheets used to create the tables and graphs is available from both the printed and electronic editions via the StatLinks provided on each page.

Publication of the OECD Information Technology Outlook alternates every year with the OECD Communications Outlook (latest edition published in July 2007).

National information technology policy profiles are available on the OECD Information Economy Web site at

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The IT Industry: Recent Developments and Outlook
Chapter 2. ICT Trade and Globalisation of the ICT sector
Chapter 3. ICT-enabled Globalisation of Services and Offshoring
Chapter 4. China, Information Technologies and the Internet
Chapter 5. Digital Broadband Content: Developments and Challenges
Chapter 6. ICT Skills and Employment
Chapter 7. Emerging Technology Applications
Chapter 8. ICT Policy Developments
Annex. Methodology and Definitions

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