Innovation policies for space and oceans (IPSO)

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The IFP was created in 1990 to conduct foresight activities, by exploring potential emerging sectors or future domains of interest that could or should become of interest to OECD member economies. The IFP built on a long experience in forward-looking, multidisciplinary activities starting in the late 1970s that helped to lay the groundwork for many of today’s OECD activities. By organising international conferences and projects – with government, business and civil society participation – it had the means and opportunity to track a wide range of future trends on an ongoing basis. The IFP explored such themes as long-term prospects for the world economy, the future of international air transport, OECD societies in transition, 21st century technologies, risk management, global future shocks, the future of families, the emergence of space applications in citizens’s daily lives (e.g. GPS, meteorology), and the growing importance of ocean economic activities for our common future. An archive of the IFP's reports can be found below. See current OECD work on innovation policies for space and oceans.




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