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Quality Framework for OECD Statistical Activities


Improvement in the quality of OECD statistics is one of the main objectives of the Statistics Strategy. For an international organisation, the quality of statistics disseminated depends on two dimensions: the quality of national statistics it receives and the quality of its internal processes for collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of data and metadata.

Projects launched during the last three years to improve the quality of OECD statistics in several areas have been undertaken in the absence of a framework which would enable the OECD to systematically assess, compare and improve statistics. The OECD Quality Framework has been designed to meet this need.

The potential benefits of a common quality framework are considerable. First, it will provide a systematic mechanism for ongoing identification and resolution of quality problems; second, it will give greatly increased transparency to the processes used by the OECD to assure quality; and third, it will reinforce the political role of the OECD in the context of an information society.

The framework focuses on improving the quality of data collected, compiled and disseminated by the OECD through an improvement of the Organisation's processes and management, though there will be a positive spillover effect on the quality of data compiled at national level.


Quality Framework and Guidelines for OECD Statistical Activities, Version 2011/1 (whole document, pdf)



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