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Households' economic well-being: the OECD dashboard


Economic growth always gets a lot of attention but when trying to determine how well people are doing it is also interesting to look at indicators that highlight households’ economic activity. Real household disposable income, net cash transfers to households, real household consumption expenditure, consumer confidence, households’ savings rate, households’ indebtedness, financial net worth, unemployment rate, and labour underutilisation rate are just a few of the indicators that can help provide a better picture of people's economic well-being. 

In order to better understand the stories behind these indicators, the OECD has developed a dashboard of household statistics that allows you to see how households are faring in OECD countries.  

Compare your country using the OECD dashboard of household statistics


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This work is in line with the OECD's efforts not only to look at the functioning of the economic system but also at the diverse experiences and living conditions of people and households. To learn more on OECD’s work on measuring well-being, visit:  

For further information, contact the OECD Statistics Directorate at [email protected].




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