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Delivering Quality Services to All in Alentejo

Preparing Regions for Demographic Change

This publication is part of the OECD workstream on Preparing Regions for Demographic Change. It elaborates a case study for the Portuguese region of Alentejo and focuses on improving the delivery of educational services taking into account the multi-level governance context. The study highlights the need to better articulate and co-ordinate the delivery of educational services among levels of government to improve access and quality. It also sheds light on the decisive role that geography plays and the importance of adopting a spatial lens to mitigate the rising inequality present in Portugal in access to education services. Alentejo is a rural region that expects to lose 30% of its population between 2020 and 2080, hence it needs to put in place forward-looking and effective policy levers to delivery sustainable education services to citizens living in rural communities.

Available from April 22, 2022

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Executive summary
Assessment and Recommendations
Demographic and digitalisation trends
Multi-level governance and subnational finance for service provision
Forward-looking planning for the provision of basic education
Degree of urbanisation classification
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