Steering from the Centre of Government in Times of Complexity

Compendium of Practices

From steering decision-making in times of complexity to stewarding cross-cutting policies and guiding good practices across the public administration, centres of government (CoGs) play an important role in achieving government ambitions. CoGs have recently found themselves under pressure to help navigate increasingly complex policy challenges in an environment characterised by multiple crises, polarisation and declining trust in public institutions. This compendium gathers and shares practices and experiences of CoGs in undertaking their various roles and functions. It describes the mechanisms CoGs use in roles such as bridging the political-administrative interface, stewarding cross-cutting policies, guiding public administration reform, and engaging with citizens and other stakeholders. Finally, it discusses the lessons learnt and key enablers that emerge from the experiences. This compendium serves CoG leaders and government officials who seek to better understand the role of the centre in contributing to better outcomes for citizens and society.

Published on April 19, 2024


Executive Summary
Bridging the political-administrative interface
Setting the vision, strategic planning and prioritisation
Co-ordinating and enhancing policy development
Driving sound decision-making practices from the centre
Monitoring and enhancing performance
Guiding high-performing public administrations from the centre
Anticipating, preparing for and managing crises
Communication from the centre
Building the centre of government (CoG) as a system
Overarching conclusions
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