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  • 21-May-2014


    Launch of OECD report – The Cost of Air Pollution: Health Impacts of Road Transport

    New data collected by the World Health Organisation shows that outdoor air pollution kills over three and a half million people worldwide every year – far more than was previously estimated. Air pollution has now become the biggest environmental cause of premature death, overtaking poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water, warned OECD Secretary-General at the International Transport Forum Summit.

  • 14-May-2014


    Roundtable: Climate is Everyone’s Business

    Twenty years ago climate change was viewed as just an environmental issue. Today it is squarely an economic issue. Climate change poses significant risks to our economic systems that could result in very large damages. To mitigate these risks we need to radically transform our economies and societies to stop global warming.

  • 6-May-2014


    Promoting environmentally sustainable “greener” growth, remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, 6 May, 2014

    With the right policy mix and bold decisions, we can turn environmental sustainability into a source of growth, employment and economic resilience. Green can go hand in hand with growth; and the OECD, with your guidance and support, can help our countries to succeed in this urgent economic transformation.

  • 29-October-2013


    2013 Meeting of the Environment Policy Committee (EPOC)

    While the recovery process takes hold, we risk that short-term economic pressures shift policy-makers’ attention away from environmental concerns. But we need to continue pushing for green growth and cannot afford to delay our fight against climate change.

  • 9-October-2013


    The climate challenge: Achieving zero emissions

    Governments need to put together the optimal policy mix to eliminate emissions from fossil fuels in the second half of the century. Cherry-picking a few easy measures will not do the trick. There has to be progress on every front, notably with respect to carbon pricing, and that is what peer review and learning from best practice should help achieve, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 2-September-2013


    Water Security for Better Lives

    Launch of the OECD’s flagship report on Water Security for Better Lives. we, human beings and our ecosystems - the planet - cannot survive without water. And the challenges ahead of us are daunting.

  • 2-September-2013


    From Global Goals to Concrete Actions – Strategies for Effective Implementation

    What remains to be done to provide access to clean and safe water resources for all? Undeniable progress has been made, but huge challenges remain. The OECD stands ready to continue to help governments design and implement better water policies for better lives.

  • 22-May-2013


    Mobilising Private Investment in Sustainable Transport

    As stretched public finances provide limited opportunities for public investments, it is critical for governments from advanced, emerging and developing countries to engage the private sector now to scale-up investment in transport infrastructure, said OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 27-February-2013


    A clean energy economy - Lessons from Iceland

    In his speech to OECD Ambassadors, the President of Iceland discussed how Iceland could offer lessons on the nature of a clean energy economy; and presented some insights from Iceland's recent challenges in dealing with the financial crisis.

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