OECD work on environment helps countries design and implement effective policies to address environmental problems and sustainably manage natural resources. It examines the linkages between the environment and economic, sectoral or social concerns in the various key topics below.

The International Programme for Action on Climate (IPAC) supports countries’ efforts to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, by evaluating national and international policies to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, providing policy advice and sharing best practices.

Data for #ClimateAction

The OECD repository of international data and indicators on climate change provides essential information for effective climate policies. Navigate the data, explore emissions by country and by sector, and countries’ energy mix, and learn more about country policies including carbon pricing, fossil fuel subsidies and investment in renewable energy.

The OECD Green Recovery Database

The OECD Green Recovery Database contains around 680 national-level measures with environmental relevance, spread over 43 countries and the European Union, and covers a range of environmental impacts beyond just energy and climate, and includes pollution (air, plastics), water, biodiversity, and waste management.

Protecting the planet – Environment timeline on the occasion of the OECD 60th Anniversary 1966-2021

Check out a timeline of OECD’s work on the environment, which has grown since the ad-hoc meeting on the safety of pesticides in 1966!

OECD work for a sustainable ocean

Working with both developed and developing countries, the OECD aims to ensure that all societies can harness the benefits of the ocean on a sustainable and inclusive basis.

Environment at a Glance

Discover the OECD’s online platform for environmental indicators, which are crucial in tracking environmental performance and progress towards sustainable development.

Green Talks Webinars

The OECD Green Talks Live webinar series brings world experts together on pressing environmental issues for a global audience:

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- These free webinars are open to the general public;

- Participants are welcome to pose questions during the Q&A segment.

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Environment Focus Blog

Blog Environment Focus

The Environment Focus Blog aims to increase dialogue on a variety of environmental topics among policy makers, experts and the general public.

Blogs are authored by OECD policy experts and invited guests who write about their current field of research and aim to reach a wider global audience to generate discussion. 

See a full list of OECD blogs and articles related to the environment.


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Our books related to environment address the following topics:

  • biodiversity, climate change, chemical safety and biosafety, environmental country reviews, data and indicators, emerging and transition economies, green finance and investment, green growth, resource productivity and waste and water.

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The OECD collects and analyses vast amounts of data every year to fuel its research. OECD.Stat includes data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies.

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