The Research Collaborative on Tracking Finance for Climate Action is a network, led by the OECD, of governments, research organisations and finance providers. It is designed to serve as a platform for identifying research priorities and gaps, sharing information, weaving a coherent narrative across what would otherwise be disparate research outputs, as well as communicating results to raise awareness.

Latest Publication

“Measuring the alignment of real economy investments with climate mitigation objectives: the United Kingdom’s building sector (March 2021)”

In the year of COP26 and decade for climate action, investments and financing across the real economy and the financial sector urgently need to align with low greenhouse gas emission pathways. Managing this transition requires robust assessments of progress. This working paper explores data and methods to assess the alignment or misalignment with climate mitigation objectives of investments in the construction and refurbishment of residential and non-residential buildings. It trials different climate mitigation-related reference points, most notably: sector-level greenhouse gas caps from the UK Carbon Budgets, Energy Performance Certificates ratings, and Climate Bonds Initiative criteria for low-carbon buildings. Looking ahead, producing more complete and policy relevant assessments of aligned and misaligned investments at national and sectoral levels requires the availability of and access to comparable and granular data on decarbonisation targets and pathways, GHG performance of assets, corporate and household investments, as well as underlying sources of financing.

OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment

 11-14 October 2021 Virtual 

The 8th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment will take place virtually from 11-14 October 2021, gathering senior policy makers and key public and private actors for action-oriented discussions on green and sustainable finance issues.

On day 2 (Tuesday 12 October), the focus will be on transition finance and the climate alignment of finance, with sessions hosted jointly by the OECD's Centre on Green Finance and Investment and Research Collaborative on Tracking Finance for Climate Action.

These sessions will provide an opportunity for exchanging experiences and latest developments on emerging approaches for defining and promoting both markets for transition finance as well as the alignment of investments and financing with climate policy goals.

Interested participants are invited to register via the virtual event platform that will be used for hosting the Forum.