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Investing in youth

Successful engagement of young people in the labour market and society is crucial not only for their own personal economic prospects and well-being, but also for overall economic growth and social cohesion. Investing in youth is a policy priority for the OECD. The economic crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic highlights the urgency to give all young people the support they need and reinforce their confidence in their future prospects.

The OECD Action Plan for Youth

The OECD Action Plan for Youth sets out a toolkit of measures that countries and stakeholders can take to tackle high youth unemployment and underemployment and to promote better employment outcomes for young people in the long run by equipping them with relevant skills and removing barriers to their employment.

The OECD is currently revising its OECD Youth Action Plan. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and would like to help us designing better policies for young people, please join our youth advisory group "Youthwise" by applying here.

The Hidden NEETs

On average across EU countries, only one third of young people who are unemployed or inactive contact public employment services on their own initiative. To reduce inactivity and unemployment among young people, it is important to better understand who does not reach out for support and why.

The OECD supports member countries to identify the hidden NEETs in their countries (those not in employment, education or training) and develop outreach strategies based on international good practice examples.

Assisting Care leavers 

Young adults, who during their childhood were in care out of their homes and away from their families, often struggle to build stable lives. In response to their poor socio-economic outcomes, many agencies responsible for out-of-home placements are experimenting with transition programmes for young adults ageing out of care. However, a systematic overview of these programmes across OECD countries is not available. 

The OECD is working on a report to map existing policies and programmes across OECD countries, identify good practices and margins for improvement, and give concrete examples of promising policies.

Investing in Youth country reviews

The Investing in Youth series builds on the OECD expertise on youth employment, social support and skills. The country reviews provide detailed assessments of education, employment and social policies from an international perspective, and offer tailored recommendations to help improve the school-to-work transition in each country. The series covers both OECD countries and key emerging economies.

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Our employment database provides up-to-date statistics for making comparisons between countries, identifying trends over time as well as labour market outcomes by age.

OECD work on youth for the G20

The OECD supports the G20 in the area of jobs, labour market policies and inclusive growth by identifying relevant responses to the jobs crisis, strategies to promote a job-rich recovery and a more inclusive type of economic growth. The OECD has made significant contributions to G20 work on youth employment, in co-operation with the ILO: 

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