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  • In It Together: Why Less Inequality Benefits All

    This book highlights the key areas where inequalities are created and where new policies are required, including: the consequences of current consolidation policies; structural labour market changes with rising non-standard work and job polarization; persisting gender gaps; the challenge of high wealth concentration, and the role for redistribution policies.

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  • Focus on Minimum wages after the crisis: Making them pay

    Three out of four OECD countries use Minimum wages, and supporting low-wage earners is widely seen as important for promoting inclusive growth. This policy brief considers three aspects that are central for a balanced assessment of policy choices: the cost of employing minimum-wage workers, their take-home pay, and the number of workers affected.

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  • Society at a Glance 2014

    This seventh edition shows that despite an improving global economy, the squeeze on public spending in many countries will make it increasingly difficult to cope with the social challenges thrown up by the crisis.

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