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In It Together: Why Less Inequality Benefits All

The gap between rich and poor keeps widening. Growth, if any, has disproportionally benefited higher income groups while lower income households have been left behind. This long-run increase in income inequality not only raises social and political concerns, but also economic ones. It tends to drag down GDP growth, due to the rising distance of the lower 40% from the rest of society. Lower income people have been prevented from realising their human capital potential, which is bad for the economy as a whole. This book highlights the key areas where inequalities are created and where new policies are required, including: the consequences of current consolidation policies; structural labour market changes with rising non-standard work and job polarization; persisting gender gaps; the challenge of high wealth concentration, and the role for redistribution policies.

Published on May 21, 2015Also available in: French

SUMMARIESavailable in 24 languages

English In It Together: Why Less Inequality Benefits All (Summary in English)
French Tous concernés : Pourquoi moins d'inégalité profite à tous
Spanish Todos juntos ¿Por qué reducir la desigualdad nos beneficia?
German Gemeinsam in einem Boot: Warum alle von weniger Ungleichheit profitieren
Japanese 格差縮小に向けて:格差縮小が全体の利益になるのはなぜか
Italian Tutti coinvolti: perché meno diseguaglianza è meglio per tutti
Chinese 共同探讨:为什么缩小不平等差距对大家都有益处
Czech Jsme v tom společně: Proč méně nerovnosti prospívá všem
Danish Sammen om det: Hvorfor mindre ulighed kommer alle til gode
Dutch Samen staan we sterker: Waarom minder ongelijkheid goed is voor iedereen
Estonian See puudutab meid kõiki: miks vähem ebavõrdsust tuleb kasuks kõigile
Greek Όλοι μαζί: Γιατί η μείωση της ανισότητας ωφελεί όλους μας
Hebrew ביחד: מדוע פחות אי-שוויון מועיל לכולם
Hungarian Egy csónakban evezünk: avagy miért előnyös a kisebb egyenlőtlenség mindenki számára
Icelandic Allra hagur: Hvers vegna minni ójöfnuður er öllum til hagsbóta
Korean 모두가 함께 하기: 불평등성이 낮을 수록 모두가 혜택을 받는 이유
Norwegian I samme båt: Hvorfor mindre ulikhet er en fordel for alle
Polish Jedziemy na tym samym wózku: czemu mniejsza nierówność przynosi korzyść nam wszystkim
Portuguese Juntos no mesmo objetivo: Menos desigualdade para benefício de todos
Russian Все заодно: почему меньше неравенства идет на пользу всем
Slovak Sme v tom spoločne: Prečo nižšia nerovnosť prináša výhody pre všetkých
Slovene Skupaj v istem čolnu: Zakaj manj neenakosti koristi vsem
Swedish Vi sitter i samma båt: Varför minskade klyftor är positivt för alla
Turkish Aynı Gemideyiz: Daha Az Eşitsizlik Niye Herkese Kazandırır


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Overview of inequality trends, key findings and policy directions
The impact of income inequality on economic growth
Income inequalities during the crisis and fiscal consolidation
Non-standard work, job polarisation and inequality
Women, work and income inequality
How does the concentration of household wealth compare across countries?
Inequality and fiscal redistribution in emerging economies
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