International Programme for Action on Climate


This report has been drafted by Rodrigo Pizarro, Abenezer Aklilu, Hélène Blake, Mikaël J.A. Maes and Daniel Nachtigall. It builds on contributions to data collection by Guendalina Bettinelli, Amy Cano-Prentice, Luisa Lutz, Natália Palšová and Loise Toscer. The work has been carried out under the supervision of Nathalie Girouard, Head of the Environmental Performance and Information Division in the OECD Environment Directorate. It was copy-edited by Julie Harris. Elizabeth Del Bourgo, Natasha Cline‑Thomas, Lydia Servant and Kamshat Kibash provided communications and administrative support.

The authors would like to thank OECD and IEA Secretariat colleagues for their helpful comments on a previous version of the report, especially Sarah Miet, Santaro Sakata and Janine Treves.