Risk management of chemicals

List of Best Available Techniques Reference Documents by sectors and activities covered by each jurisdiction




The table below outlines available Best Available Techniques Reference Documents (BREFs) and guidance material from different jurisdictions according to industrial sectors. Readers should keep in mind that sectors can be categorised and defined slightly differently across countries.


Search by sector: Agriculture - Forestry - Food - Gas & Oil - Mining - Non-ferrous metals - Iron & Steel - Chemicals - Cement - Paper & Pulp - Power Plants - Manufacturing - Construction MaterialsOthers in industry - Infrastructure - Waste - Others 



European Union BREFs and BAT Conclusions

The Russian Federation: BREFs

Korea: BREF

All US, NESHAP, HSPS and Industrial Effluent Guidelines

People’s Republic of China: Guidelines on Available Technologies for Pollution Prevention and Control (GATPPCs)

India: Comprehensive Industry Documents (COINDs)

International Finance Corporation's 5IFC) EHS Guidelines

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 Intensive Rearing of Poultry or Pigs - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian


Intensive rearing of pigs
Intensive rearing of poultry

Aquaculture (Water)

Livestock and Poultry Farms 

• Cotton Gin Industry

• Poultry Production

• Annual Crop Production

• Perennial Crop Production

• Aquaculture

• Mammalian Livestock Production



• Wood-based Panels Production (WBP BATC) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian



Timber products processing (Water)

Wood preserving (NESHAP)

Wood building products surface coating (NESHAP)

Plywood and composite wood products (NESHAP)

Wood furniture manufacturing (NESHAP)

• Wood-based Panel Industry 


• Board and Particule-based Products 

• Sawmilling and Wood-based Products

• Forest Harvesting Operations


Food, Drink and Milk Industries - Available in English,  ArabicChinese and Russian

Slaughterhouses and Animals By-products Industries 


Manufacture of food products

Manufacture of beverages, milk and dairy products

Slaughterhouses (meet-processing plants and combined slaughterhouses, refrigeration, and storing of meat plants) and animals by-products industries

• Food, Drink and Milk Industry

• Slaughterhouses and Animal By-products Industry

Dairy processing (Water)

Meat and poultry products (Water)

Canned fruits and vegetables (Water)

Canned seafood (Water)

Grain mills (Water)

Sugar processing (Water)

Nutritional yeast (NESHAP)

Solvent extraction for vegetable oil production (NESHAP)

• Meat Industry

• Sugar Industries

• Starch Industry



• Dairy Industry

• Slaughter House, Meat and Sea Food Processing

• Rice Mills

• Tea Processing Industry

• Sugar Industry

• Khandsari (type of sugar) Industry

• Edible Oil & Vanaspati Industry

• Starch and Glucose Industry

• Soft Drink Manufacturing Unit, Bakeries and Confectioneries

• Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry

• Coffee Processing Industry

• Food and Dairy Processing

• Poultry Processing

• Beverage Processing Breweries

• Meat Processing

• Fish Processing

• Sugar Manufacturing

• Vegetable Oil Production and Processing

Gas and Oil

• Refining of Mineral Oil and Gas - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

Extraction (production) of natural gas

Extraction of (mineral) oil

Refining of (mineral) oil

Refining of natural and associated gas 


• Refining of Mineral Oil and Gas

Extraction of natural gas & oil (NESHAP)

Extraction of natural gas & oil (NSPS)

Extraction of natural gas & oil (Water)

Refinery (NESHAP)

Refinery (NSPS)

Refinery (Water)

Reforming, cracking, and sulfur recovery (NESHAP)

Refinery-equipment leaks (NSPS)

Onshore natural gas production (NSPS)

Onshore natural gas production-equipment leaks (NSPS)

 • Petroleum Refining Industry

• Oil Refineries 

• Natural Gas Processing

• Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities

• Offshore Oil and Gas Development

• Onshore Oil and Gas Development

• Petroleum Refining



Management of Waste from Extractive Industries 

Mining industry, general processes and methods

Coal mining and processing

Mining and processing of ferrous metals ores

Mining and processing of nonferrous metals ores

Precious metals mining



Mineral mining and processing (Water)

Ore mining and dressing (Water)

Mining and processing coal (NSPS)

Mining and processing coal (Water)

Taconite processing (NESHAP)

Gold ore processing and production (NESHAP)




Non-ferrous metals 

• Non-ferrous Metals Industries- Available in English,  ArabicChinese and Russian


 Aluminium production

Copper production

Production of lead, zinc and cadmium

Production of nickel and cobalt

Precious metals production

Production of rare and rare earth metals

• Non-Ferrous Metals Industry

• Primary Aluminum Production (NESHAP) 

• Primary Aluminum Production (NSPS) 

Secondary Aluminum Production (NESHAP)

Primary Copper Production (NESHAP)

Primary Copper Production (Area sources) (NESHAP)

Primary Copper Production (Arsenic) (NESHAP)

Primary Copper production (NSPS)

Secondary Copper production (NESHAP)

Primary lead smelting (NESHAP)

Primary lead smelting (NSPS)

Secondary lead smelting (NESHAP)

Secondary lead smelting (NSPS)

Primary zinc production (NSPS) 

• Copper Smelting Industry 

• Nickel Smelting Industry

• Cobalt Smelting Industry

• Lead Smelting

• Secondary Lead Smelting

• Rare Earth Metallurgical Industry

• Integrated Aluminium Industry • Spent Pot Lining Waste from Aluminium Industry 

• Base Metal Smelting and Refining


Iron and Steel 

• Iron and Steel Production (IS BATC) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

• Ferrous Metals Processing Industry

• Production of iron, steel and ferro-alloys

Manufacture of ferrous metals processing products


• Iron and Steel Production

• Iron and Steel (Water)

• Integrated iron & steel (NESHAP) 

• Electric Arc (NESHAP)

• Electric arc (NSPS)

• BOPF steel (NSPS)

• Coking Process of the Iron and Steel Industry of iron, steel and ferro-alloys

• Steel-making Process of the Iron and Steel Industry

• Rolling Process of the Iron and Steel Industry

• Sintering and Pelletizing Process of the Iron and Steel Industry

 • Integrated Iron and Steel Plants

• Sponge Iron Industry

• Integrated Steel Mills


• Large Volume Organic Chemical Industry - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

• Production of Polymers

• Large Volume Inorganic Chemicals – Ammonia, Acids and Fertiliser

• Large Volume Inorganic Chemicals – Solids and Others Industry

• Production of Chlor-alkali - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

• Manufacture of Organic Fine Chemicals

• Production of Speciality Inorganic Chemicals

• Common Waste Water and Waste Gas Treatment/ Management Systems in the Chemical Sector (CWW BATC) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian)

Production of main (large volume) organic chemical substances

Production of polymers, including biodegradable ones

Production of ammonia, fertilisers and inorganic acids

Manufacture of fine chemical synthesis products

Production of other main (large volume) inorganic chemicals

• Production of solids and other inorganic chemical substance

Production of speciality inorganic chemicals


• Large Volume Organic Chemical Industry

• Large Volume Inorganic Chemicals

• Organic Fine Chemicals and Speciality Inorganic Chemical

• Plastic Industry

• Fertilizer Industry


Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry (SOCMI) (NESHAP)
*SOCMI: Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry.

 • SOCMI air oxidation processes (NSPS)

SOCMI distillation (NSPS)

SOCMI reactor processes (NSPS)

• SOCMI equipment leaks (NSPS)

Misc. Organic Chemical Manufacturing (NESHAP)

• Vinyl chloride (NESHAP)

Organic chemicals, plastics, and synthetic fibers (Water)

Gum and wood chemicals (Water)

Acrylic and Modacrylic Fibers (Area sources) (NESHAP)

Acrylic and Modacrylic Fibers (NESHAP)

Cellulosics (NESHAP)

Group I Polymers and Resins (NESHAP)

Epoxy Resins Production and Non-Nylon Polyamides (NESHAP)

Amino/Phenolic Resins (NESHAP)

Group IV Polymers and Resins (NESHAP)

PVC and Copolymers (NESHAP)

Reinforced plastic composites (NESHAP)

Polymers manufacturing industry (NSPS)

Synthetic fiber manufacturing (NSPS)

Generic MACT I (Acetal resins, polycarb resins) (NESHAP)

Generic MACT II (Spandex) (NESHAP)

Hydrochloric acid (NESHAP)

Phosphate fertilizers (NESHAP)

Phosphoric acid (NESHAP)

Hydrofluoric acid (NESHAP)

• Triple superphosphate plants (NSPS)

Triple superphosphate storage (NSPS)

Diammonium phosphate plants (NSPS)

Wet process phosphoric acid plants (NSPS)

Superphosphoric acid plants (NSPS)

Fertilizer production (Water)

Ammonium sulfate (NSPS)

Sulfuric acid plants (NSPS)

Phosphate manufacturing (Water)

Inorganic chemicals (Water)

Carbon black (NESHAP)

Carbon black (Water)

Mercury cell (NESHAP)

Explosives manufacturing (Water)

• PVC Industry

• Pesticide Industry

• Chlor-Alkali Industry

• Fertilizer Industry

• Large Volume Petroleum-based Organic Chemicals Manufacturing

• Petroleum-based Polymers Manufacturing

• Large Volume Inorganic Compounds Manufacturing and Coal Tar Distillation

• Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing

• Phosphate Fertilizer Manufacturing

• Pesticides Formulation, Manufacturing and Packaging

• Oleochemicals Manufacturing

• Coal Processing


 Production of Cement, Lime and Magnesium Oxide (CLM BATC) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

Production of cement

Production of lime

Production of magnesium ocide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium chloride




• Cement production (NESHAP)

• Cement production (NSPS)

Cement production (Water)

Lime Production (NESHAP)

• Lime Ptoduction (NSPS)

• Cement Industry


• Cement Industry • Cement Industry

Paper & Pulp

• Production of Pulp, Paper and Board - Available in English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian

Production of cellulose, pulp, paper and board

 • Production of cellulose, pulp, paper and board

• Combustion (NESHAP)

• Non-combustion (NESHAP)

• Kraft pulp mills (NSPS)

• Paper and pulp (Water)

• Wood Pulping Process

• Non-Wood Pulping Process

• Recycled Fiber Pulping and Papermaking Process

• Production of cellulose, pulp, paper and board

• Production of cellulose, pulp, paper and board

• Pulp and Paper Mills

Power Plants

 • Large Combustion Plants - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

• Cement Industry



Transmission and distribution (NESHAP)

Transmission and distribution (boilers) (NSPS)

Transmission and distribution (GHG) (NSPS)

• Thermal Power Plant
• Coal fired Power Plant

• Gas-based Thermal Power Plant


• Thermal Power

• Geothermal Power Generation

• Wind Energy

• Electric Power Transmission and Distribution


Textiles Industry

• Ceramic Manufacturing Industry 

• Manufacture of Glass (GLS BATC) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian

Smitheries and Foundries Industry



Textiles industry (washing, bleaching, mercerizing, Dying of textile fibres; bleaching, dying of textile products)

• Ceramic goods manufacturing

• Manufacture of glass

• Textiles Industry

• Production of Electronic Parts 

• Semiconductor Industry

• Auto Parts and Equipment Manufacturing Industry


Textiles (NESHAP)

• Textiles (Water) 

Clay Ceramics Manufacturing (NESHAP)

Porcelain enameling (Water)

Arsenic Emissions from Glass Manufacturing (NESHAP)

Glass Manufacturing Area Sources (NESHAP)

Glass (NSPS)

• Glass (Water) 

Auto surface coating (NESHAP)

Auto surface coating (NSPS)

• Bricks (NESHAP)

Electronic parts (Water)

Semiconductor (NESHAP)

Pesticides (NESHAP)

Pesticides (Water)

Polyurethane foam (Area sources) (NESHAP)

• Polyurethane foam (NESHAP)

Rubber tire manufacturing (NESHAP) 

• Rubber tire manufacturing (NSPS) 

Rubber (Water) 

Chromium electroplating (NESHAP)

Plating and polishing (NESHAP)

• Electroplating (Water) 

Smitheries and foundries (Aluminum) (Water)

Smitheries and foundries (Copper) (Water)

Metal molding and casting (Water)

Nonferrous metal forming and metal powders (Water)

Iron and Steel Foundries (NESHAP)

Nonferrous foundries (aluminum, copper, and other) (NESHAP)

Manufacturing of asbestos (Water)

• Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Industry

• Ceramic Industry 

• Glass Industry

• Motor Vehicle Industry


• Textile Industries

• Ceramic Industry 

• Glass Industry

• Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry

• Man-Made Fibre Industry 


• Asbestos Products Manufacturing Industr


• Textiles Manufacturing

• Ceramic Tile and Sanitary Ware Manufacturing

• Glass Manufacturing

• Foundries

• Semiconductors and Electronics Manufacturing

• Metal, Plastic, Rubber Products Manufacturing


Construction Materials






• Mineral wool (NESHAP)

• Asphalt processing and roofing manufacture (NESHAP)

• Asphalt processing and roofing manufacture (Area sources) (NESHAP)

Asphalt processing and roofing manufacture (NSPS)

Hot mix asphalt (NSPS)

• Wet formed fiberglass production (NESHAP)

• Wool Fiberglass (NESHAP)

• Wool Fiberglass (Area sources) (NESHAP)

• Wool fiberglass insulation (NSPS)

• Paving and roofing materials (Water)



• Construction Materials Extraction

Others in industry


• Energy Efficiency

• Emissions from Storage

Industrial Cooling Systems

Surface Treatment Of Metals and Plastics

• Surface Treatment Using Organic Solvents including Wood and Wood Products Preservation with Chemicals (STS) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian 

• Tanning of Hides and Skins (TAN BATC) - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russia

• Burning fuel at large combustion plants for energy generation purposes

Enhancing energy efficiency of economic and/or other activities

• Industrial cooling systems

Reducing emissions (waste gas) and effluents (waste water) of pollutants resulting from storage of goods

Surface treatment of goods and products using organic solvents

Surface treatment of metals and plastics using electrolytic or chemical processes

• Tanning, dyeing and currying of hides and skins


• Large Combustion Plants


• VOC chemical storage (NSPS)

• Industrial cooling systems (NESHAP)

• Steel pickling (NESHAP)

Large appliance surface coating (NESHAP)

Large appliance surface coating (NSPS)

• Metal coil surface coating (NESHAP)

• Metal coil surface coating (NSPS)

Metal coil surface coating (Water)

• Metal can coating (NESHAP)

Metal can coating (NSPS)

• Metal furniture coating (NESHAP)

• Metal furniture coating (NSPS)

• Misc. metal part and products coating (NESHAP)

Plastic parts surface coating (NESHAP)

Plastic parts surface coating (NSPS)

Metal finishing (Water)

• Halogenated solvent cleaning (NESHAP)

• Paint stripping and misc. surface coating (NESHAP)

• Pharmaceuticals (NESHAP)

Pharmaceuticals (Water)

Paper and other web coating (NESHAP)

• Printing and publishing surface coating (NESHAP)

• Printing and publishing surface coating (NSPS)

Photographic (Water)

Tanning of skins and hides (NESHAP)

• Tanning of skins and hides (Water)


• Tanning of Hides and Fur Industry

• Pharmaceutical Industry

• Monosodium Glutamate Industry

• Coal to Methanol Industry

• Electroplating Industry

• Industrial Boilers 

• Printing Industry

• Paint and Ink Industries

• Furniture Industry







• Electric Arc and Induction Furnaces

• Lime Kilns 

• Brick Kilns

• Siting of rice mills, storage of rice husk and handling of ash generated in rice husk boilers

• Stone Crushers

• Fermentation Industries 


• Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Manufacturing

• Printing

• Tanning and Leather Finishing







Airport deicing (Water)

• Gasoline distribution bulk terminals, plants, and pipeline facilities (NESHAP)

• Bulk gasoline terminals (NSPS)

Gasoline dispensing facilities (NESHAP)

Gasoline distribution (NESHAP)

• Natural gas transmission and storage (NESHAP)

• Ethylene oxide from sterilizers (NESHAP)

Ethylene oxide from hospitals (NESHAP)

• Dental offices (Water)

Hospitals (Water)

• Benzene transfer operations (NESHAP)

• Marine vessel loading (NESHAP)

• Publicly-owned water treatment works (NESHAP)





• Airlines

• Airports

• Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Terminals

• Gas Distribution Systems

• Health Care facilities

• Ports, Harbors and Terminals

• Railways

• Retail Petroleum Networks

• Shipping

• Telecommunications

• Toll Roads

• Tourism and Hospitality Development



• Waste Incineration - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian)

• Waste Treatment - Available in EnglishArabicChinese and Russian 



Waste Incineration

• Disposal of municipal waste

• Recycling and detoxification of waste

Waste gas treatment (larger industries)

• Waste water and waste gas treatment in chemical industry

• Waste water treatment at centralised systems


• Waste Incineration



Hazardous waste combustion (NESHAP)

Sewage treatment plant incineration (NSPS)

• Waste combustors (Water)

Landfills (NESHAP)

Landfills (NSPS)

• Landfills (Water)

• Off-site recovery (NESHAP)

Oil-water and organic-water separators (NESHAP)

• Petroleum refinery wastewater systems (NSPS)

Centralized treatment (Water) 

• Disposal of Sludge from Municipal Waste water Treatment Plant

Mercury-containing Waste Disposal

• Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal






• Waste Management Facilities

• Water and Sanitation



Economics and Cross-media Effects

Monitoring of emissions  

General principles of industrial production, environmental control (monitoring) and its metrological assurance (support)


• Entreprise Mobility Management

• Township-villages 



Note: The World Bank Group (WBG)'s International Finance Corporation (IFC) has published a set of General Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines for Industry. The WBG EHS Guidelines are developed by the IFC, in consultation with the World Bank and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and are used by WBG’s clients. The guidelines address environmental matters and other issues that potentially apply to all industrial sectors, including community and occupational health and safety, construction and decommissioning. For each guideline, visit this website.


The links for the People’s Republic of China: Guidelines on Available Technologies for Pollution Prevention and Control (GATPPCs) are currently under revision. 






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