OECD at Stockholm World Water Week 2022

23 Aug - 1 Sep
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The OECD is actively participating in the 2022 World Water Week on the theme “Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water” through a series of events and by taking part in a number of workshops and seminars throughout the week:

Main OECD events

Tuesday 23 August 

  • Asia Focus: Valuing Water infrastructure investment for water-related SDGs, 08:30-09:50 CEST | Virtual
    This session discussed financing for water-related SDGs to mobilise public resources and augment private investment in Asia and the Pacific. It presented means and tools to plan and decide on investments by valuing assets and showcasing financing mechanisms to leverage development and public funds to crowd-in commercial finance.

  • Talking about Pricing Water (1/3): Setting the Context, 15:30-16:50 CEST | Virtual
    This seminar helped to set out some of the debates and big questions for World Water Week 2022. It addressed the fundamental topic of balancing water's quantitative and qualitative values, with a focus on how pricing water fits into the multitude of contemporary water.

Wednesday 24 August 

  • Global multi-stakeholder action to accelerate gender equality in water, 15:30-16:50 CEST | Virtual
    The Multi-stakeholder Call for Action for accelerating progress towards gender equality in the water domain, led by UNESCO WWAP, has brought together a global coalition of stakeholders envisaged to break with business-as-usual. This session focused on the presentation and discussion of initiatives, strategies, and good practices –theoretical as well as practical- developed and implemented by the Coalition members to help bridge the gender divide in the water domain. 

Thursday 25 August 

  • Asia Focus: Accelerating inclusive water governance to advance sustainable development, 8:00-09:00 CEST | On-site
    The water crisis is often a crisis of governance, so addressing effective water governance should be one of the highest priorities in Asia-Pacific. Key regional actors shared innovative approaches for examining and improving water governance to boost sustainable and inclusive development and kick-start commitments towards concrete collaborative action.

Monday 29 August 

  • Talking about Pricing Water (2/3): Unveiling Water Pricing in Practice, 09:00-10:30 CEST | On-site - Room: 353
    This session questioned how water pricing and pricing instruments align with water values. Strengths and limitations of water pricing as a policy tool were highlighted for agriculture, industrial, and domestic use - leading into a broader discussion on conditions to make pricing work and alternative approaches to water management.

  • Talking about Pricing Water (3/3): Tying it Together, 11:00-12:30 CEST | Virtual and on-site: Room Music Hall
    This interactive session used real world examples, views from experts and a new framework to clarify the role of pricing in the wider valuing water conversation. Building on the other sessions, it explored these notions and ensured audience input helps inform the way forward.

Tuesday 30 August 

  • International High-Level Panel on Water Investments for Africa, 11:00-12:30 CEST | Virtual and on-site: Room: 461
    This session presented the Road Map of the High-Level Panel towards COP 27 and the UN 2023 Conference on water. Led by the Co-Chairs of the Panel, the Panel Members and high-level leaders, the session presented progress of its work in developing an investment action plan and emerging pathways for mobilising US$ 30 billion per year by 2030 to close the water security and sanitation investment gap in Africa, with opportunities for development partners to contribute.