OECD Guidelines for Micro Statistics on Household Wealth

This publication presents an internationally agreed set of guidelines for producing micro statistics on household wealth, It addresses the common conceptual, definitional and practical problems that countries face in producing such statistics, and are meant to improve the comparability of the currently available country data. The Guidelines, prepared by an international expert group working under the auspices of the OECD, propose a set of standard concepts, definitions and classifications for micro wealth statistics, and cover different phases in the statistical production process, including sources and methods for measuring particular forms of wealth, best practice in using household surveys or other sources to compile wealth statistics, the development of analytic measures, the dissemination of data, and data quality assurance.

Published on June 12, 2013


Executive summary
Overview of household wealth statistics
Standard concepts, definitions and classifications for household wealth statistics
Data sources and methods for producing household wealth statistics
Measurement guidelines for standard components of household wealth
Measuring household wealth through surveys
Analytic measures
Quality assurance for household wealth statistics
Annexes5 chapters available
Eurosystem household finance and consumption survey
Luxembourg Wealth Study – A case for increased ex ante comparability of data sources
Differences between micro and macro measures of household wealth
Inventory of country methodologies for producing micro wealth statistics
Household definitions in other statistical standards
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