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Downloadable Data

From this page you can download the PISA 2000 dataset with the full set of responses from individual students, school principals and parents. These files will be of use to statisticians and professional researchers who would like to undertake their own analysis of the PISA 2000 data. The files available on this page include questionnaires, data files in ASCII format, codebooks, compendia and SAS and SPSS control files in order to process the data.

To download a file, right click on a link and choose "Save Target As..." in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As..." in Mozilla Firefox.

SASTM control files
SPSSTM control files
Data sets in TXT formats (compressed) and documentation
Some of those files are very large. Please refer to our comments at the top of this page.
The compendia provide the distribution of students according to the variables collected through the student, information communication technology, parent and school questionnaires. The performance means per category are also provided.

Download PISA 2000 ESCS (SPSS and SAS data files)

SPSSTM and SASTM are separate software packages
For queries about the PISA 2000 database and associated files contact [email protected]


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