A Review of Ghanaian Emigrants

In recent years, Ghana has undergone major economic, social and political transformations. Given the significant emigration of the Ghanaian population and the recognition of the contributions of the diaspora, Ghanaian authorities are seeking to better understand this pool of talent residing abroad, which has great potential to contribute to the economic and social development of Ghana. This review provides the first comprehensive portrait of the Ghanaian diaspora in OECD countries. By profiling Ghanaian emigrants, this review aims to strengthen knowledge about this community and thus help to consolidate the relevance of the policies deployed by Ghana towards its emigrants.

Available from June 21, 2022

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Executive summary
Recent trends in emigration from Ghana
Number of Ghanaian emigrants and their socio‑demographic characteristics
Labour market outcomes of Ghanaian emigrants
Data sources of Ghanaian emigrants
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