Youth Engagement & Empowerment

Despite their demographic weight, young men and women in the MENA region are at a significant risk of being unemployed, they often express less trust in government than their parents and they face significant challenges in their transition to autonomy and adult life. In some countries, youth are affected by violent conflicts and displacement.


The Programme’s work supports countries in formulating and implementing national youth strategies, creating the legal and institutional frameworks to encourage youth participation in public life and in using innovative tools to make their voices heard and count.

The programme Our Youth Takes Initiative

The programme "Our Youth Takes Initiative” / Nos Jeunes Prennent l'Initiative (عندما يبادر الشباب) will support youth-led civil society from Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia in the design and implementation of their initiative. 

Applications closed now.

Regional Dialogue

The annual regional youth conference provides an occasion for high-level government officials, youth policy makers, local authorities, organised and non-organised youth and international partners to engage in a dialogue about trends and challenges in youth policy and youth engagement practices across MENA countries.


Pour une participation active des jeunes à la vie publique en Jordanie, au Maroc & en Tunisie