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Public policies towards affordable housing




General overview    
  PH1.1 Policy instruments and level of governance .PDF  .XLS
  PH1.2 Housing policy objectives and obstacles .PDF  
Support for home buyers    
  PH2.1 Public spending on grants and financial support to home buyers .PDF .XLS
  PH2.2 Tax relief for home owners .PDF .XLS
Housing allowances    
  PH3.1 Public spending on housing allowance as % of GDP .PDF .XLS
  PH3.2 Key characteristics of housing allowances .PDF .XLS
  PH3.3 Recipients and payment rates of housing allowances .PDF .XLS
Social rental housing    
  PH4.1 Public spending on support to social rental housing as % GDP .PDF .XLS
  PH4.2 Social rental dwellings stock .PDF .XLS
  PH4.3 Key characteristics of social rental housing .PDF .XLS
Affordable housing programmes    
  PH5.1 Measures supporting affordable housing development .PDF .XLS
 Rental market regulation    
  PH6.1 Rental regulation .PDF .XLS 
 Financing housing improvements and regeneration    

PH7.1 Measures to finance housing improvements and regeneration





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