Towards an Integrated Health Information System in the Netherlands

Twenty-first century health systems have to be built around data and information. An integrated health information system enables the secure flow of data to where they can be used, to provide information to strengthen integrated care delivery, enable public health monitoring and management, and foster medical and health research and innovation. This report describes the requirements and the benefits of an integrated health information system; outlines the current situation in the Netherlands in the context of progress across OECD countries; and recommends legal, policy and operational changes to overcome barriers to the efficient exchange and sharing of health data and to establish an integrated health information system.

Published on February 16, 2022


Executive summary
Key findings and recommendations
The structure and governance of the Dutch health information system in comparison with OECD countries
The strengths and weaknesses of the current Dutch way of managing health and social care data
Towards an integrated health information system in the Netherlands
Annexes2 chapters available
Consultation with experts
OECD Recommendation on Health Data Governance
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