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Towards a Child-friendly Justice System in Egypt

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

This report analyses Egypt’s legal and policy framework and takes stock of the Egyptian Government’s efforts to co-ordinate child justice services and make the justice system in Egypt more child-friendly. It includes an analysis of specific design and delivery mechanisms of justice and support services based on the legal needs of children and identifies the roles, responsibilities and co-operation opportunities for relevant governmental stakeholders involved in child-friendly justice. The review considers a range of essential components of a child-friendly justice system in all its forms – criminal, civil and administrative justice. It highlights the results achieved so far and provides tailored policy recommendations to support Egypt in better meeting the justice needs of children, in line with international standards and treaties.

Published on July 25, 2023


Executive summary
Child-friendly Justice in Egypt: Assessment and Recommendations
Purpose and Vision of a Child-friendly Justice System in Egypt
Enhancing Institutional Co-ordination and Effectiveness for Child Justice in Egypt
Designing Child-friendly Justice Pathways in Egypt
Strengthening Child-friendly Justice Services in Egypt
OECD Criteria for People-centred Design and Delivery of Legal Justice Services
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