Gender Budgeting

What is Gender Budgeting?

 Gender inequalities persist in all areas of social and economic life. Gender budgeting is an important public governance tool that governments can use to assess how budget decisions impact gender equality. When implemented effectively, gender budgeting helps expose how gender inequalities may have inadvertently become embedded in public policies and the allocation of resources and promotes budget measures that will be effective at closing gender gaps.

Government tax and spending decisions have powerful social, environmental, and economic implications for a country, shaping people’s choices regarding work and economic participation. As part of a broader government effort to make progress on gender equality goals, gender budgeting helps ensure that the budget promotes priorities related to gender equality, such as reducing the gender pay gap and closing gender gaps in the labour market, bringing social and economic gains.

OECD Best Practices for Gender Budgeting

While the uptake of gender budgeting among OECD countries is growing, challenges remain in its implementation. The OECD best practices for gender budgeting highlight the core features common to successful implementation of gender budgeting. These best practices identify elements that contribute to the sustainability of gender budgeting and help governments ensure that the budget helps achieve broader government objectives relating to gender equality.

The best practices draw on gender budgeting practices in Member countries and the OECD’s work with countries in designing and implementing gender budgeting.


>> OECD Best Practices for Gender Budgeting / Highlights document

Country Support

Country Support: Australia

This OECD Review assists Australia in embedding gender considerations in policy and budget decisions.

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Country Support: Canada

Report assesses Canada’s progress in gender budgeting and provides recommendations for developing a more comprehensive, systematic and sustainable approach.

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Country Support: Ireland

OECD Scan of Equality Budgeting in Ireland

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Country Support: Thailand

Gender Budgeting Action Plan, assessing the extent to which the necessary foundations are in place to develop and implement an effective approach to gender budgeting in Thailand. Survey date: 2018

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