• 4-April-2024


    The Swedish Corporate Bond Market - Challenges and Policy Recommendations

    This report provides an assessment of the Swedish corporate bond market and policy recommendations to improve its functioning, drawing from detailed empirical analysis and in-depth interviews with market participants. It includes two empirical chapters which provide insights into the market's evolution over the last two decades based on original data, emphasising changes since the 2008 financial crisis with respect to market size, issuer characteristics, credit quality, industry composition and investor universe. These developments are also considered in an international context, comparing the Swedish market with selected peer countries, both in Europe and elsewhere.
  • 22-March-2024

    English, PDF, 249kb

    Rapport mondial sur la durabilité des entreprises 2024 (Avant-propos, Éditorial et Résumé)

    Le Rapport mondial sur la durabilité des entreprises (OECD Global Corporate Sustainability Report) a pour objet de promouvoir l’adoption de politiques et pratiques de gouvernance d’entreprise qui favorisent la durabilité et la résilience des entreprises.

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  • 14-March-2024


    Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2024

    The OECD Global Corporate Sustainability Report aims to enhance the adoption of corporate governance policies that promote the sustainability and resilience of companies. It examines the evolving landscape of corporate sustainability practices worldwide and includes a focus on key dimensions outlined in the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, such as sustainability-related disclosure, shareholder-company dialogue, board responsibilities, and stakeholder interests. It offers comprehensive data analysis specifically designed to meet the needs of policymakers, regulators, and market participants.
  • 12-March-2024


    Corporate Bond Markets in Asia - Challenges and Opportunities for Growth Companies

    This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the use and structure of corporate bond markets in Asia. Based on original data, it assesses the extent to which corporations, in particular smaller growth companies, use bond markets and how that has developed over time. It also examines the regulatory frameworks that govern these markets in 19 different jurisdictions. Drawing from these findings, it formulates policy considerations for facilitating growth company access to corporate bond markets.
  • 15-February-2024


    OECD Review of the Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Kazakhstan

    The Kazakh government has undertaken crucial legal and regulatory reforms to improve the governance and performance of its state-owned enterprises (SOEs), but further reforms are needed. This review describes and assesses the corporate governance framework of the Kazakh SOE sector against the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises. It makes recommendations to help the Kazakh authorities reform their state-owned sector and align the exercise of state ownership and the governance of SOEs with international best practices.
  • 11-October-2023


    Sustainability Policies and Practices for Corporate Governance in Asia

    This report provides an overview of the current sustainability disclosure policies and practices, the responsibilities of company boards and shareholder rights in Asia. The report also presents current trends in corporate sustainability globally and in Asia based on the OECD Corporate Sustainability dataset. Importantly, climate change is one of the most critical sustainability matters currently facing companies in most Asian jurisdictions where companies that account for two-thirds of total market capitalisation are experiencing climate change related financial risks.
  • 9-October-2023


    The Impact of R&D tax incentives - Results from the OECD microBeRD+ project

    This document reports on the final output of the OECD microBeRD+ project. Drawing on the outcomes of previous work, this study presents new evidence on the impact of business R&D support policies – tax incentives and direct forms of support – on business R&D investment (R&D input additionality) and the innovation and economic performance of firms (R&D output additionality). The report also provides an exploratory analysis of R&D spillovers.
  • 11-September-2023


    OECD Corporate Governance Factbook 2023

    The OECD Corporate Governance Factbook provides easily accessible and up-to-date information on the institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks for corporate governance across 49 jurisdictions worldwide. Issued every two years, the Factbook complements the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and serves as a useful tool to track how the Principles are being implemented. It is also actively used by governments, regulators and other stakeholders to compare national frameworks and obtain information on latest trends. Prepared in parallel to the 2023 review of the Principles, this edition takes account of the new recommendations in the Principles on sustainability, company groups, and virtual and hybrid shareholder meetings. The Factbook also highlights the latest developments in the global market and corporate ownership landscape, the role and rights of shareholders, and the duties and responsibilities of boards.
  • 11-septembre-2023


    Principes de gouvernance d’entreprise du G20 et de l’OCDE 2023

    Les Principes de gouvernance d’entreprise du G20 et de l’OCDE aident les responsables de l’action publique à évaluer et améliorer le cadre juridique, réglementaire et institutionnel régissant la gouvernance d’entreprise. Ils identifient les éléments clés d’un cadre solide de gouvernance d’entreprise et fournissent des conseils pratiques pour sa mise en œuvre au niveau national. Les Principes formulent également des orientations à l’intention des places boursières, des investisseurs, des entreprises et d’autres acteurs qui jouent un rôle dans l’élaboration de bonnes pratiques de gouvernance d’entreprise.
  • 31-July-2023


    OECD work on Swedish capital markets

    The main purpose of the project is to produce a series of publications describing and analysing different aspects of the Swedish capital markets, with the ultimate goal of developing an understanding of the drivers of their development.

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