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  • OECD Migration Insights

    Europe is facing a historical moment with one of the worst refugee crises in decades. Managing this emergency is complex but Europe has the experience and the capacity to cope. The OECD has been monitoring recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries, and analysing integration policies of immigrants and their children into education and labour markets. Our work shows that migration, if well managed, plays a positive role in the economy spurring growth and innovation.

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  • Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015 - Settling In - en Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015: Settling In

    In the OECD, almost 20% of people have a migrant background and parents’ place of birth still casts a long shadow on the integration of children of immigrants. Despite some progress on the education front, many native-born children of immigrants still struggle to find work. Learn the real facts and figures on how well immigrants and their children are integrating in the new OECD/EU report on the Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015.

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  • OECD High-Level Policy Forum on Migration 2014, 1-2 December, Paris

    Under the theme Mobilizing Migrants’ Skills for Economic Success, the meeting has offered Ministers and other high-level representatives an opportunity to share views and experiences on key current and emerging policy challenges for migration management and migrants’ economic and social integration as well as on how best to build public confidence on migration issues.

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