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International Meeting on Triangular Co-operation


17-18 April 2018  Lisbon, Portugal


The Camões – Institute for Co-operation and Language, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, and the OECD Development Co‑operation Directorate are co-organising an international meeting on triangular co-operation in Lisbon on 17 and the morning of 18 April 2018.

This international meeting will bring together a wide range of practitioners and officials from the different actors involved in triangular co-operation. It will provide an opportunity for participants to share knowledge and experiences on how triangular co‑operation contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, on management practices and tools, as well as on the links between strategic discussions and lessons from engaging in triangular co-operation.

During the event, the OECD will present the draft toolkit for identifying, monitoring and evaluating the value added of triangular co-operation, a follow-up to the last international meeting on triangular co‑operation held in Lisbon in May 2016. Also, analytical inputs will feed into the discussions, based on the results of the survey on triangular co‑operation that the OECD conducted in 2015 and to which many expected participants provided responses.

The conclusions of this international meetingcan feed into the preparatory process for the second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Co-operation in Buenos Aires (BAPA +40 Conference) in March 2019 with a view to encouraging debate and joint action on triangular co-operation.




triangular cooperation event Lisbon 2018


Hotel Sana (Lisbon, Portugal)



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