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Development Co-operation Report 2016 - The Sustainable Development Goals as Business Opportunities


  The Development Co-operation Report 2016 explores the potential and challenges of investing in developing countries, in particular through social impact investment, blended finance and foreign direct investment. The report provides guidance on responsible business conduct and outlines the challenges in mobilising and measuring private finance to achieve the SDGs.  Throughout the report, practical examples illustrate how business is already promoting sustainable development and inclusive growth in developing countries. Part II of the report showcases the profiles and performance of development co-operation providers, and presents DAC statistics on official and private resource flows.

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The Development Co-operation Report 2016


Highlights and key messages

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Infographic: Five pathways

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The right to food is about much more than boosting supply, Oliver De Schutter (UNDP Our Perspectives, 25 October)

Well-structured public finance can align profit and sustainability aspirations, LI Yong (UNDP Our Perspectives, 29 September)

African countries need institutions that will direct investment to where it is needed mostAndrew Chipwende (UNDP Our Perspectives, 29 August)

How do we measure the mobilisation of private finance?, Jeff Chelsky (World Bank Blog, 2 August)

Can smart investment make sustainable development a reality?, Marco Lambertini (WWF Ecological Blog, 2 August)

Innovative mechanisms can help to mobilise domestic finance, Philippe Orliange (, 25 July)

Where impact investing meets sustainable development, Sonal Shah (GreenBiz, 25 July)

The Sustainable Development Goals as Business OpportunitiesRob Mulligan (United States Council for International Business, 21 July)

Businesses need to do more to fight against poverty, Sharan Burrow (Equal Times, 18 July)

The challenge: How can foreign direct investment fulfil its development potential? Karl P. Sauvant (OECD Insights, 22 July)

Sustainable development challenges are business challenges, Louise Kantrow (International Chamber of Commerce blog series, 20 July)

The challenge: Can social impact investment serve the “bottom of the pyramid”? Julie Sunderland, (OECD Insights, 20 July)

The public sector can do much to promote social impact investment in developing countriesManuel Sager (, 19 July)

6 necessary steps to make the SDGs a reality, James Zhan (GreenBiz, 18 July)

Public sector cannot go it alone on aid financing, says OECD, Emma Rumney (Public Finance International, 18 July)

“Doing Good While Doing Well” is the Mantra for SDG Success, Jay Collins (CITI Blog, 18 July)

The challenge: How can international co-operation help to put sustainable development at the core of business models?,  Amina J. Mohammed  (UNDP Our Perspectives, 18 July)

There’s a $2.5 billion development investment gap. Blended finance could plug it, Gavin E.R. Wilson (World Economic Forum, 18 July)

Engaging the private sector in sustainable development  finance involves commitment, careful analysis and alignment of objectives, Pierre Jacquet (Global Development Network, 18 July)

Business can fuel the clean technologies that are needed to achieve global goals, Jim Balsillie (CIGI, 15 July)

A new corporate performance measurement framework can encourage sustainable success, for business and for societyPeter Bakker (We Mean Business, 24 June)

How Businesses Can Do Well By Doing GoodErik Solheim (Huffington Post, 23 June)


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