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Career Readiness Review: The Commonwealth of Virginia, United States

This report assesses how the United States Commonwealth of Virginia is preparing young people for their working lives through career development. It builds on OECD longitudinal analyses which identify forms of career development that can be most confidently associated with better employment outcomes for young people. Collecting data from current secondary school students and young adults in the labour market, the report provides an oversight of career development in Virginia. It then explores the extent to which students are being effectively, efficiently and equitably prepared for their working lives through career guidance programmes. Career readiness is a policy of high importance and the report identifies many strengths within the Virginia system. In order to enhance provision however, there is need to update career readiness standards, frameworks and instruments, and to engage employers and people in work more systematically within guidance activities. Opportunity exists to better amplify labour market signalling, particularly with regard to the skilled trades. The report highlights international practice that can be expected to reduce inequalities in provision, linked especially to the socio-economic backgrounds of students and their geographic location. Here, scope exists notably to draw on digital technologies to enhance provision.

Published on December 01, 2023


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
: Overview3 chapters available
Introduction to Career Readiness Review of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Overview of Career Readiness in Virginia
Career readiness of young people in the progression through education to ultimate work in Virginia: Results of two surveys
Key Recommendations3 chapters available
Theme 1: Effective career readiness: Providing high-quality career development activities in Virginia
Theme 2: Efficient career readiness: Aligning career development activities with labour market opportunities in Virginia
Theme 3: Equity in career readiness: Ensuring equitable access to career development activities in Virginia
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