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Virtual TET: Virtual work experience


Virtual TET is a one-week period of familiarization with working life, carried out remotely though digital learning environments (Microsoft Teams, etc.). It introduces all major industries in Finland and includes company representatives’ presentations about their field of industry, future working life competences, career stories and future opportunities. During the virtual work placements students also work on assignments given by the industry representatives and participate in virtual company visits. The participation is a part of the school day and thus students also have support from their own teacher available during the period.

Published on the 16/05/2023

Launch year2021

How many schools are currently making use of it?51-250

Other tagsIs funded by government, Is evaluated, Free of cost

Career developmentWork-related learning, Virtual work placements

Age groupLower-secondary (ages 12 to 15), Upper-secondary (ages 16 to 18)

TechnologyVideo streaming


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Resource overview

Website: Virtual TET

Virtual TET has its own webpage ( where teachers can acquire information and register their class for the next Virtual TET. After the registration, the teacher gets more in-depth information regarding the participation process and schedule. The students can participate in the whole week (recommended) or choose a specific day. The program is completely virtual, but some of the assignments require that the students have the possibility to work in small groups. Therefore, it is recommended, that students participate during their school day with their teacher and peers. Virtual TET is open for all Finnish upper secondary schools, high schools and vocational schools (14-19-year-old students). The Virtual TET uses a green screen which means that different working lives and industries can be “created” in the background to enhance the real-world experience. Additionally, students are invited to send in pictures and videos via social media to increase involvement. These pictures are published on the broadcast.

Description of technology

Microsoft Teams (as the main platform), Mentimeter (for polls and submitting answers to various assignments), google (for searching information). During the period the students are working from their laptops or other mobile devices.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

Virtual TET was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, when physical collaboration between schools and work life was cancelled or postponed. Together with the Finnish industries, Economy and Youth TAT wanted to provide at least something for the schools to continue with the work life familiarization periods despite the challenging situation. Later as the situation normalized, it was noticed, that this kind of solution can still bring added value to the work life familiarization periods at schools by complementing physical work life collaboration with a digital learning environment. It was seen to enable a wider network and a more comprehensive look into work life through introducing multiple industries, career paths and companies from all over Finland. Furthermore, there are always students who can't participate for some reason in a normal work life familiarization period in a specific physical learning environment and for those students the Virtual TET can be the only option. Virtual TET can also be seen as expanding possibilities of familiarization of work life, as TET (work placement) participation is not tied to geographical location.

Challenges or potential barriers to use

Virtual TET includes a full-day program for an entire week and for many schools it may be difficult to find the necessary time for the participation. However, also a one-day participation is possible, which makes it easier in many cases. Also, the perfect fit with the more traditional work life familiarization periods held in physical environments is still in progress: they can complement each other nicely, but careful planning and consideration is needed to find the perfect balance.

The resource is free of charge.

Support for users

Some users will require support to use the resource.

Virtual TET includes assignments that require teamwork and self-regulation, which are challenging for some students. Here the role of the teacher is very important, who is facilitating the participation at the school. Also, some basic ICT-skills and tool are needed.

Further advice for users

Unfortunately, the resource is only available in Finnish language at the moment.

Additional details

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We have collected feedback from the participants, but there is no summary at the moment that we could link here. However, the feedback has been very positive from students, teachers and also company representatives: 80% of participating students (n=139, from the 2021 Virtual TET) would recommend Virtual TET to their peers.

This resource has been endorsed by Leppäkorpi School in Vantaa, Finland.

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