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Singularity Experts: Online career guidance platform


Singularity Experts is an online platform designed to provide guidance on future career options and academic pathways for individuals who are uncertain about their study choices or career directions. This innovative resource harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to match individual profiles with suitable job opportunities. To achieve this, individuals undergo profiling through psychometric assessments, helping to identify their capabilities, knowledge, and career preferences.

Published on the 30/10/2023

Launch year2019

How many schools are currently making use of it?11-50

Other tagsIs informed by research, Recognized by peers

Career developmentOnline platforms, Accessing information/guidance, Student portfolios, Questionnaires, Labour Market Information, Subject selection

Age groupLower-secondary (ages 12 to 15), Upper-secondary (ages 16 to 18)

TechnologyArtificial intelligence


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Resource overview

Website: Singularity Experts

Singularity Experts offers tailored recommendations for future careers and academic paths with a strong emphasis on employability. It serves as a valuable resource for young individuals who are grappling with career and educational choices amid the rapidly evolving technological landscape, which often creates a disconnect between traditional education and the demands of the job market.

The core strength of Singularity Experts lies in its ability to leverage artificial intelligence, which considers a comprehensive set of 50 individual dimensions and aligns them with over 3000 prospective jobs of the future. Through a sophisticated algorithm, it establishes meaningful connections among these variables, effectively pinpointing the most optimal career options for each unique profile. As a result, the recommendations provided are not only highly personalized but also inherently linked to roles and educational pathways that boast significant employability prospects.

The platform employs a “Single Profile Model” that evaluates not only traditional capacities such as cognitive skills but also the evolving competencies essential for future job roles, including computational thinking. This analysis revolves around what users can do, what they know, and what they aspire to achieve.

Singularity Experts exclusively focuses on jobs and training programs characterized by high employability. Its extensive catalogue encompasses over 3000 future-oriented professions and the associated educational routes. While some of these job titles might not be familiar, they are all currently in existence and offer promising career prospects.

Description of technology

Singularity Experts leverages the power of artificial intelligence to establish a distinctive capability: modelling human profile data and future job trends. This approach yields a sophisticated model that empowers the platform to draw explicit and implicit knowledge inferences from this data pool.

Within this framework, each individual's profile is analysed across 50 distinct dimensions, while an expansive database of over 3,000 future job roles is also considered. Advanced algorithms then navigate through the vast landscape of potential combinations, effectively uncovering the most pertinent and interconnected employment prospects among the millions of possibilities.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

Singularity Experts significantly enhances the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of career guidance for students in several keyways.

Firstly, it offers tailored recommendations for high-employability jobs and training options, addressing the critical issue of career uncertainty faced by many young individuals. This empowers users with the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions, ultimately guiding them toward successful professional paths.

Moreover, Singularity Experts introduces students to a wide array of career options and educational avenues they might never have encountered otherwise. These opportunities are not only diverse but also carefully matched to individual preferences and abilities, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.

This platform represents a unique and highly innovative approach to career guidance. While it's ground-breaking, it's not entirely new, as it has already proven successful in various educational institutions and workplaces. This success has sparked significant interest within the educational and labour sectors, highlighting its potential to transform the way students navigate their career choices.

Challenges or potential barriers to use

Users need access to a computer to utilize the platform effectively. This may pose a barrier for individuals who do not have access to such devices.

Additionally, Singularity Experts is currently only available in Spanish. This could be a barrier for individuals who are not proficient in the Spanish language.

The resource is not free of charge.

The resource is not provided free of charge. It offers three different products with varying prices. While there is a free test available for everyone, the paid options might be a deterrent for some users, particularly those with limited financial resources.

Further advice for users

Singularity Experts is also designed to integrate seamlessly with other tools. In fact, its developers are actively promoting the resource through a new service offered by a publishing house platform.

Additional details

Has the resource been…

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…informed by research?


Singularity Experts is informed by data, survey and market research undertaken by the following:

  • Grand View Research

  • Statista

  • Markets and Allied Market Research

  • Fortune Business Insights

  • Gartner

…funded by government?


…recognized by peers?


Singularity Experts is the recipient of the following prizes:

  • Best Education Startup Award, South Summit Madrid 2022

  • F. Bertelesmann & Bosch Award for Best Innovation Project in Vocational Guidance, 2022

  • Most Innovative Startup and Most Investable Startup Award, SEK Lab, 2021

  • Innovation in Employability Award, Innovation in Company Awards 2020, CEOE and Grupo PGS

  • Selected product, SIMO EDUCACIÓN INNOVA 2019



This resource has been endorsed by Ágora Madrid International School, Madrid, Spain.

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