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Métiers 360: Virtual Reality career talks


Métiers360 provides schools with a resource that enables them to set up workshops to work on career development skills using virtual reality (VR) headsets. The resource includes: - VR headsets - 360 videos with some 200 different professional situations demonstrated - teacher professional training - pedagogical templates for inspiration

Published on the 26/09/2023

Launch year2018

How many schools are currently making use of it?250+

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Career developmentJob fairs & career talks, Preparation & reflection, Workplace visits

Age groupLower-secondary (ages 12 to 15), Upper-secondary (ages 16 to 18)

TechnologyVirtual reality


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Resource overview

Website: Métiers360

The resource is usually deployed for the entire school with financial support of local authorities. Teachers set up 5 to 6 workshops throughout the year in line with their plans for students’ pedagogical development. Between 12 and 18 students, typically aged between 13 and 18 attend a session that mixes the use of VR with debates and discussion.

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Workshops are targeting keys skills related to career development including student understanding of self and career aspirations; the ability to describe possible professional environments; the ability to express preferences for a future in work linked to understanding of skills and aspirations; and the importance of enabling students to autonomously undertake further research.

The workshop videos are developed with local authorities and professional organisations. They last around six minutes and include three different professionals filmed in work-related situations, for example using typical equipment and/or interacting with colleagues or customers. Students are encouraged to watch at least two different videos in a session, enabling comparisons between different professions.

Description of technology

The resource is based on three components:

A state of the art application embedded in the headset which allows navigation across content and interactive immersion.

A web resource for the teacher to prepare workshops (exploring resources, overseeing the activity, receiving technical support).

A PC application to facilitate updates to the headsets.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

The resource has demonstrated added value in two main ways:

It engages students more in their career development than traditional formats of career guidance resources.

By offering realistic immersions, it provides formal information by virtual experience which has been compared to learning coming from traditional internships.

Challenges or potential barriers to use

The resource is only available in French at the moment. Some situations are, in-part, culturally specific. VR is a new experience for many students, and some can be uncomfortable with the immersion.

The resource is not free of charge

Support for users

There is a trained mediator available to ensure workshop's animation.

Additional details

Content available are carefully produced in partnership with experts representing professional associations.

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Métiers360 receives funding from local authorities who subscribe to the resource and provide it to schools.

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This resource is government supported.

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