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The is a social network that helps young people develop their career plans through a wide range of resources: from an orientation test for the most confused students (developed by JobIRL with the help of an employment psychologist), to profiles of professionals available for discussion via the site's internal messaging system, as well as online resources such as job descriptions, interviews with professionals and students, and thematic support groups (e.g. Parcoursup, SOS Resume & Cover Letter).

Published on the 01/09/2023

Launch year2013

How many schools are currently making use of it?51-250

Other tagsIs informed by research, Funded by government, Free of cost, Evaluated resource

TechnologyVideo streaming, Social media

Career developmentOnline platforms, Engaging employers, Job fairs & career talks, Accessing information/guidance, Questionnaires, Non-virtual work placements

Age groupLower-secondary (ages 12 to 15), Upper-secondary (ages 16 to 18)


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Resource overview


Workshops are organised by JobIRL teams in partner schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods or rural areas. Part of the workshops concern the use of the platform by the students. They aim to help them understand the notion of "professional network", to create an account on and to contact professionals in the professions that interest them.

During these workshops, students also discover the site's resources on "jobs of the future" and training courses. It is observed that they are particularly fond of the online quizzes (on cybersecurity, sports jobs, gender diversity in jobs, knowledge of social networks, etc.).

The ninth graders (aged 14-15) are required to complete a one-week internship in a professional environment. During the workshops, these students use the platform to search for and apply for internship offers online: creating an account, writing a message, adding attachments to the message (CV).

Description of technology

The whole site is developed under PHP.

It uses API feeds for the exchange of internship and work-study offers from our partners - companies or other job boards.

API feeds from Onisep (the official platform of the State for the orientation of schoolchildren) are also used to enrich data available: the presentation of job descriptions and training courses that prepare for these jobs, with a link to students who follow these courses to be able to contact them.

The site also makes use of a database that offers a multitude of entries for young people to find a professional or a student ready to answer their questions: job, company, school, location.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

JobIRL presents itself as "the professional network for those who don't have one". It allows young people to access a community of over 7,300 professionals representing more than 1,000 jobs in 47 sectors.

Who, in their circle of friends, has a surgeon, a computer specialist, a beautician, a journalist, a banker, a beekeeper, etc., ready to talk about their profession to young people lost in their orientation? On, all these profiles and thousands of others are available in a few clicks.

The site’s orientation test, with questions adapted to young people, sheds light on their RIASEC profile and encourages them to go further in the discovery of professions that could correspond to them by exchanging with professionals who practice them.

In an effort to offer a "collaborative guidance" service, JobIRL has set up thematic support groups that respond to pupils’ problems: a Parcoursup group on the most sought-after training courses, a group for proofreading CVs and motivation letters, an "intrepid women" group to fight against the self-censorship of girls towards science and digital professions, and others.

There is no other equivalent platform in France. Consequently, JobIRL brings an unprecedented added value to the landscape of educational and professional guidance.

Challenges or potential barriers to use's services are very easy to use. Nevertheless, in very disadvantaged schools, students are not at all familiar with the operation of digital services. There is often a form of "digital divide" that prevents young people from getting the most out of the platform's services.

In addition, to use JobIRL at home, students must have a computer and be able to access it regularly. Not all underprivileged young people have this opportunity. This is why a Web-App is currently in development that will students to use JobIRL from their cell phone.

The JobIRL Connect to your future workshop program, delivered in nearly 150 disadvantaged middle and high schools in France, helps overcome this barrier by helping young people understand how works.

The resource is free of charge.

Support for users

Explanations on how the platform works by accessing by application on cell phone.

Additional details

Has the resource been…

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…informed by research?


All the tools developed and put online on have been developed on the basis of internal research conducted on the various digital services that exist in the world for career guidance, through Internet research and academic publications.

The RIASEC guidance test was developed by a professional who previously tested the tool with various young people in order to refine and adapt it to their needs.

…funded by government?


JobIRL depends for its development on public and private support, and on a small volume of commercial services. The platform has been developed and improved over the years with the support of the French government and various corporate foundations. JobIRL was notably the winner of a government "Plan d'investissement d'avenir" in 2019-2021 and received 450,000 euros in aid to improve its services.

…recognized by peers?




A summary of the activities undertaken through the JobIRL platform is available.

This resource is government supported.

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