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Grand Déclic: Career exploration


Grand Déclic is a web platform that gives access to career guidance resources to allow students to explore the world of work. Students have access to videos of those in the world of work that are pre-recorded. Webinars that focus on specific professions are also available. There is information regarding internships and summer student job opportunities which students can apply for through a specific section of the website. The internships and summer student job opportunities are posted by employers directly on the website. Students can also connect by email with mentors they choose from their profile (picture, gender, profession, presentation) for advice and guidance.

Grand Déclic helps to highlight jobs and careers in real workplaces and provides information about types of jobs available. A section offers information to parents to support their children in their career choice. Employers and schools can also add their exploration activities. Employers, parents, and schools can subscribe to specific newsletters.

Published on the 25/09/2023

Launch year2021

How many schools are currently making use of it?20

Other tagsRecognized by peers, Free of cost

Career developmentEngaging educators, Engaging employers, Engaging parents, Job fairs & career talks, Accessing information/guidance, Workplace visits, Mentoring, Part-time work

Age groupLower-secondary (ages 12 to 15), Upper-secondary (ages 16 to 18)

TechnologySocial media


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Resource overview

Website: Grand Déclic

School guidance counsellors use video content to concretely demonstrate the work environment and daily life of workers who practice different professions. They also use it in group activities, broadcasting webinars in class or as a basis for reflection and research activities.

In school, students are encouraged to visit the site in order to find information concerning professions, internships and exploration activities, summer student jobs, etc. Entry into the schools is facilitated by members of The Regional Education Table of Centre-du-Québec (TRECQ) who are members of the schools. TRECQ is responsible for co-ordinating and promoting education initiatives and services within the region. They typically collaborate with various stakeholders including schools, education institutions, community organisations and government agencies to improve educational opportunities and support for students. It is particularly instrumental in identifying internships and mentors.

At home, parents use the platform to open discussions with their child about their professional aspirations and their career choice. Parents can also identify career exploration activities that their children might consider.

The Grand Déclic Facebook page is used to publicize the content on the platform and then encourage young people to visit the website.

Description of technology

The videos are posted on the website. They are therefore accessible to everyone.

Website content uses a WordPress CMS.

The newsletter is distributed via Cyberimpact.

Zoom is used for Webinars.

Le Grand Déclic has its own Facebook page.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

The platform makes it possible to demonstrate the reality of everyday life and the work environment rather than a list of tasks involved in a job. It shows the actual conditions of employment.

It answers questions that are not found elsewhere on the Web when you ask search engines for example, “Do radio-diagnostic technicians come into contact with blood regularly?”

The website is a resource that promotes the creation of a link between the workplace, schools, and parents to contribute to the career choice of young people.

Challenges or potential barriers to use

The web platform is in French language only.

The resource is free of charge.

Additional details

Multiple community members have been engaged in the development of this platform. For instance, community members from different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise can bring diverse perspectives to the resource. This can enhance its comprehensiveness, relevance, and effectiveness in meeting the needs of the audience. Also, engaging various community stakeholders, such as educators, professionals, parents, and students, fosters collaboration and partnerships. This collaboration can lead to the sharing of resources, expertise, and best practices, resulting in a more robust and comprehensive resource.

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In its Brief from the Quebec Network for Educational Success on Bill 19 - Child Labor Regulation Act, the association of regional education tables of the province of Québec recognised the Grand Déclic as an approach to promote professions among young people, in conjunction with employers in the region.



This resource has been endorsed by a school in Canada and details has been shared with the OECD.

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