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C-Game: Understanding psychological work preferences through gaming


C-Game uses an online game format to enrich the career education of pupils aged 12-15. It takes place in a virtual city where students are introduced to a large number of occupations and at the same time find out their interest profile (based on Holland’s Occupational Themes (RIASEC)). Students complete a picture test based on the same Holland typology that contains images related to various job activities & hobbies and users have to rate their attitude towards the given activity. The facilitator of the game (teacher, educational/career advisor, leader of the interest group) is able to monitor the progress of the game and the results achieved by individual students. The interest profiles of individual players can be printed in pdf format and used as a basis for further career guidance. The C-Game activity should always have 3 stages: introduction - game - reflection. The last stage of the game is very important and requires the guidance counsellor / teacher to have a good knowledge of Holland's typology.

Published on the 01/02/2024

Launch year2022

How many schools are currently making use of it?11-50

Other tagsFunded by government, Recognized by peers, Free of cost


Career developmentCareer conversations, Questionnaires, Labour Market Information

Age groupLower-secondary (ages 12 to 15)

CountriesBulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Slovak Republic

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Resource overview


C-Game works with a group of pupils within career education, the game is set in 3 stages:

 1) Introduction

The facilitator discusses with students about their future plans and career thinking. Students are asked questions related to aspects that influence career choice: What needs to be considered? What are the students’ ideas about the future, satisfaction in working life and well-being? What methods can be followed to choose a study programme or pathway?

The facilitator introduces the game and gives students access to C-Game.

 2) Game

Pupils play the C-Game independently on a computer or tablet.

Their task is to activate / construct buildings and fill vacancies in them, a task similar to creating advertisements by answering a set of questions. When the answers are correct, the vacancies are filled. In the initial phase of the game, the construction of each of the 24 buildings requires answering two questions that are drawn from the 48-question RIASEC questionnaire. The answers are then compiled into an interest profile that can be accessed after completing the first level of the game.

After entering the second level of the game, the facilitator asks them to collate their information by opening their interest profile and noting their vocational interest profiles, and the occupations that the system generated from their answers in the first level of the game for consideration.

 3) Reflection

The facilitator leads a discussion about the game with the students. They introduce students to Holland's typology of personality and work environment (RIASEC). Students compare the results of their RIASEC test and the suggested occupations. Facilitators identify students who are not satisfied with the results of the interest test or who do not identify at all with the occupation proposed for consideration and arranges with them an individual consultation possibly with their parents.

Description of technology

C-Game is playable on almost all digital devices that are connected to fast and stable internet connection and works best using Google Chrome browser.

It is playable on mobile phones, but they have quite small screen and therefore the gaming is not as comfortable.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

C-Game is free of charge and available in 5 languages: English, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Bulgarian.

C-Game is a tool designed to be integrated into career guidance and career education. It is designed to be a playful and entertaining way of bringing students closer to more than 600 professions.

Challenges or potential barriers to use

C-Game needs connection to a fast and stable internet and works best using Google Chrome browser.

Support for users

For the full use of C-Game, it is necessary to operate it in 3 stages: introduction - game - reflection. In order to provide adequate reflection, it is necessary for the facilitator of the game to know the rules for providing reflection, to be familiar with the game and to know very well Holland's typology of personality and work environment and principles of its interpretation.

Further advice for users

While access to the C-Game facilitator environment is free of charge, access passwords are issued based on a short email indicating the school/institution where the game will be used in order to keep track of usage levels.

Additional details

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C-Game has been developed within ERASMUS+ project.

…recognized by peers?


C-Game has been recognised through National Career Guidance Awards by both the Czech Euroguidance, and the Slovak Euroguidance. It also won the Czech National Career Guidance Award 2022.



This resource has been endorsed by a school in the Czech Republic and details has been shared with the OECD.

This resource is funded by government.

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