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Ada-Intérêts: Online career orientation tool


Ada-Intérêts is an online career orientation tool developed as part of a platform by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, in collaboration with the Academy of Research and Higher Education and the Walloon Office for Vocational Training and Employment. It constitutes the first module of three designed to aid the career orientation process. Aimed at students at the end of secondary education in Belgium (4th to 6th years), Ada-Intérêts allows users to assess career interests, connect them with potential professions and post-secondary programs, and explore a database of 700 professions and 800 training courses. Teachers receive a guide with pedagogical scenarios to facilitate the tool's use in schools, fostering reflection on career plans.

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Published on the 04/03/2024

Launch year2018

How many schools are currently making use of it?51-250


Other tagsIs informed by research, Funded by government, Free of cost

Career developmentAccessing information/guidance, Questionnaires, Post-secondary education & training

Age groupUpper-secondary (ages 16 to 18)


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Resource overview

Website: Ada-Intérêts

Ada-Intérêts is a pivotal component of a broader initiative by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, The Academy of Research and Higher Education (ARES), and the Walloon Office for Vocational Training and Employment (FOREM) to support career orientation. Positioned as the first module of a three-part platform, Ada-Intérêts serves as an online tool for assessing vocational interests and linking them to potential professions and higher education programs. Tailored for students in the latter years of secondary education and those in higher education courses in Belgium, the platform offers a comprehensive database comprising 700 professions and 800 training courses.

Teachers play a crucial role in the implementation of Ada-Intérêts in schools, equipped with a guide featuring various pedagogical scenarios to enhance the tool's effectiveness. Students benefit from the platform's features, including a questionnaire to identify areas of interest, exploration of both well-known and lesser-known professions, and the ability to select favourites. Moreover, users can discover related training courses and explore post-secondary program websites.

Ada-Intérêts leverages data from reputable sources, with job information sourced from FOREM and the Brussels Regional Employment Office (ACTIRIS) job files, and training course data managed by ARES, accessible through the website. The tool not only aids in career exploration but also aims to bridge the gap between interests and concrete career pathways. Furthermore, an educational guide is available for professionals to assist them in supporting young individuals using Ada-Intérêts, emphasizing its role as a resource in facilitating informed career decisions.

Description of technology

The technology behind Ada-Intérêts revolves around an online platform designed as an interactive and user-friendly online orientation support tool. Its core functionality is centred on a questionnaire that enables students to assess their career interests. The platform employs an algorithm that analyses these interests and connects them with potential professions and post-secondary programs.

The database, a central component of Ada-Intérêts, encompasses information on 700 professions and 800 training courses. Job data is sourced from the FOREM and ACTIRIS job files, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Additionally, training course data is managed by ARES and can be accessed not only through Ada-Intérêts but also via the website.

How the resource makes career guidance more effective, efficient and/or equitable for students

Ada-Intérêts enhances career guidance by offering personalized assessments, a vast database of professions and courses, and an accessible online platform. This resource ensures equity by eliminating geographical and financial barriers, while an educational guide empowers teachers. By connecting interests directly with careers and utilizing data from official sources, Ada-Intérêts is designed to streamline decision-making, making career guidance more effective and efficient, particularly during crucial transition phases for students.

Challenges or potential barriers to use

While the online tool is designed to be simple and user-friendly, it comes with specific challenges. It is specifically tailored to the Belgian educational system, making it less applicable in an international context. Additionally, the tool is intricately adapted for Belgium’s French-speaking community, which limits its accessibility for non-French speakers.

The resource is free of charge.

Additional details

Has the resource been…

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…informed by research?


The tool will be evaluated in the next couple of years. Moreover, each dimension of the tool is based on strong theoretical models in vocational guidance and educational sciences.

…funded by government?


The tool was funded by the national government during the last five years. New funding of 1 374 000 euros was added recently in order to expand the tool.

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This resource is government supported.

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