Regulatory reform


Behavioural Insights and Organisations

Fostering Safety Culture

Behavioural insights (BI) has become widely used by public bodies around the world, mostly towards improving the way policies are implemented and influencing individual behaviour. As the field of BI evolves to tackle more complex policy issues, there is widespread perception that BI can and should go beyond the study of individual-level decision processes for higher impact. This report presents research on applying BI to changing the behaviour of organisations, with a focus on fostering elements of a safety culture in the energy sector. It presents comparative findings from experiments with energy regulators in Canada, Ireland, Mexico and Oman, as well as guidance for applying BI to safety culture going forward.

Published on April 03, 2020


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Overview and guidance for policy makers
Beyond the individual: why and how behavioural insights can be applied to organisational behaviour
How behavioural insights can help foster a culture of safety
Findings from experiments on fostering a culture of safety in Canada, Ireland, Mexico and Oman
Case studies: How regulators in Ireland, Mexico, and Oman currently address safety culture and behavioural biases
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