Regional Statistics

Networks and Communities


We co-ordinate several networks and working groups in the field of economic analysis and statistics focusing on regional development issues.

  • Working Party on Territorial Indicators

As a sub-group of the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee, the Working Party on Territorial Indicators (WPTI) brings together international experts from all OECD countries to carry out statistical work on the measurement of regional economies. It meets twice per year in Paris at the OECD Headquarters or through digital platforms.

  • OECD Geospatial Lab 

The OECD Geospatial Lab provides policy relevant anlayses and indicators to understand spatial patterns in urbanisation, land-use, people’s well-being and economic development. It cuts across teams and research programmes to integrate geo-spatial information sytems (GIS) and spatial modelling. Recent work includes: Metropolitan areas in the world

  • OECD Spatial Productivity Lab

The Spatial Productivity Lab (SPL) works with local and global partners to address the challenges faced by regions, cities and rural areas in supporting and stimulating their growth. Based on its research and analyses, the SPL is able to help with design and implementation of efficient regional and local policies that facilitate productivity growth, creation of better jobs and increased general wellbeing with no places left behind.




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