OECD Factbook 2015-2016

Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics

OECD Factbook 2015-2016 is a comprehensive and dynamic statistical publication from the OECD. Close to 100 indicators cover a wide range of areas: economy, education, energy, transportation, environment, development, health, industry, information and communications, population, employment and labour, trade and investment, taxation, public expenditure and R&D. This year, the OECD Factbook includes new indicators on a number of regional indicators including GDP by metropolitan area. Data are provided for all OECD countries, including the OECD aggregate, euro area, European Union, and where data are available, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa. For each indicator, there is a two-page spread. A text page includes a short introduction followed by a detailed definition of the indicator, comments on comparability of the data, an assessment of long-term trends related to the indicator, and a list of references for further information on the indicator. The second page contains a table and a graph providing – at a glance – the key message conveyed by the data. Each indicator includes StatLinks which allow readers to download the corresponding data. OECD Factbook 2015-2016 is a key reference tool for users working on economic and policy issues.

Published on April 08, 2016Also available in: French, German, Spanish

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Population and Migration8 chapters available
Total population
Population by region
Elderly population by region
Immigrant and foreign population
Trends in migration
Migration and employment
Migration and unemployment
Production8 chapters available
Size of GDP
Evolution of GDP
GDP by metropolitan area
Investment rates
Labour productivity levels
Value added by activity
Real value added by activity
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Household Income and Wealth8 chapters available
National income per capita
Household disposable income
Household savings
Income inequality
Poverty rates and gaps
Household financial assets
Household debt
Non-financial assets of households
Globalisation9 chapters available
Share of international trade in GDP
International merchandise trade
International trade in services
Trade in value added
Trade in value added: role of intermediates and services
Foreign direct investment flows
Foreign direct investment stocks
FDI regulatory restrictiveness index
Balance of payments
Prices5 chapters available
Inflation (CPI)
Producer price indices
Long-term interest rates
Rates of conversion
Real effective exchange rates
Energy and Transportation10 chapters available
Energy supply
Energy intensity
Electricity generation
Nuclear energy
Renewable energy
Oil production
Oil prices
Goods transport
Passenger transport
Road fatalities
Labour9 chapters available
Employment rates
Employment rates by age group
Part-time employment
Employment by region
Hours worked
Unemployment rates
Long-term unemployment
Unemployment by region
Environment and Science9 chapters available
Abstractions of freshwater
Municipal waste
Emissions of carbon dioxide
Sulphur and nitrogen emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions
Regional quality of air
Expenditure on R&D
Education9 chapters available
International student assessment
Students, computers and learning
Early childhood education and care
Youth inactivity
How many students study abroad?
Educational attainment
Teachers' salaries
Educational expenditure
Expenditure in tertiary education
Government10 chapters available
Government expenditures, revenues and deficits
Government debt
Expenditures across levels of government
General government expenditures and revenues per capita
General government production costs
Social expenditure
Pension expenditure
Official development assistance
Taxes on the average worker
Total tax revenue
Health9 chapters available
Life expectancy
Infant mortality
Alcohol consumption
Overweight and obesity
Health expenditure
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