IDB analyzer (quick reproduction of the PISA results)


The IEA International Database Analyzer (IDB Analyzer) is an application developed by the IEA Data Processing and Research Center (IEA-DPC) that can be used to analyse PISA data among other international large-scale assessments.

The IDB Analyzer is a windows-based tool and creates SAS code or SPSS syntax to perform analysis with PISA data. The generated SAS code or SPSS syntax takes into account information from the sampling design in the computation of sampling variance, and handles the plausible values as well.

The code generated by the IDB Analyzer can compute descriptive statistics, such as percentages, averages, competency levels, correlations, percentiles and linear regression models. The tool enables to test statistical hypothesis among groups in the population without having to write any programming code.

Download the IDB analyzer video tutorials


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