Integrity & Anti-Corruption

Corruption has been a key source of public discontent in the MENA region and it continues to undermine the achievements of reforms. Most people in the region remain dissatisfied with their governments’ efforts to curb corruption and indeed perceive that corruption has risen in recent years.


The OECD supports MENA countries in building legal and institutional frameworks to prevent and fight corruption while promoting a culture of integrity. The ultimate goal is to strengthen government institutions to provide better policies and to guarantee access to public services for all.


Regional Dialogue

The Working Group I on Civil Service and Integrity offers a platform promoting regional dialogue and exchange on civil service reform for integrity, innovative anti-corruption policies and institutions. The Working Group cooperates with ACINET (Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network). 

  • 2021 Working Group I Special Session: Preventing corruption: what role for citizens? - Agenda in English and French
  • 2020 Working Group I Special Session: Public Sector Integrity in a time of crisis - Agenda & Flyer
  • 2019 Working Group I Special Session: Access to information & integrity - Agenda & Flyer
  • 2018 Working Group I Special Session: Youth & integrity in the public sector - Agenda & Flyer
  • 2017 Working Group I Special Session: Integrity through risk management & control - Agenda & Flyer

Bonne Gouvernance et Anti-Corruption en Tunisie (2017-2020)