Public-sector integrity and citizen engagement in Morocco


The Government of Morocco recognised in its new constitution the need to fight corruption and enhance citizen participation in order to respond to current challenges and improve socio-economic development.

To do so, Morocco’s independent institutions need to be reinforced as mandated by the constitution and new mechanisms and communication channels must be developed in order to; 

  • involve citizens in the fight against corruption
  • improve transparency and effectiveness of Morocco’s integrity efforts
  • build trust in the government and deliver quality public services
  • respond to citizen needs
  • support the ongoing decentralisation process and integrity at the local level.

To sucessfully respond to these challenges, the OECD is implementing this project with financial support from the UK Arab Partnership Programme Fund. It aims to support the Institution du Médiateur and l’Instance Centrale de Prévention de la Corruption (ICPC) in carrying out their new mandates by assessing their institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks and management practices from an international comparative perspective.

The project also builds senior-staff capacity in order to manage their institutions efficiently and effectively, provide quality services to Moroccans and engage and consult with them and CSOs, in line with OECD principles and best practices.

To achieve these results, the project consists of:

  1. A Review of the institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks and management practices of the Institution du Médiateur and ICPC to enhance Morocco’s capacity, efficiency and effectiveness, streamline operations and improve service delivery in the fields of integrity and citizens’ engagement.

  2. Capacity-building activities.

  3. Citizen participation and communication tools to disseminate integrity and anti-corruption measures and to enhance citizen participation in the fight against corruption:
    - The OECD guide on communication and co-orperation provides practical tips to promote a culture of integrity
    - The terms of reference provide support the establishment of a national integrity portal

  4. Support to build strategic partnerships with civil society at a local level in various regions of Morocco.


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