Education in Ireland

An OECD Assessment of the Senior Cycle Review

Ireland is undertaking a review of their senior cycle (upper secondary education) led by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). It aims at collecting the views of all relevant stakeholders to identify the strengths and challenges of senior cycle in its current form, and identify priority issues and actions to move forward. As part of OECD’s implementing education policies project, an OECD team was invited to support the review of Ireland’s senior cycle. The team has carried out the assessment presented here and provided strategic advice based on four analytical aspects: smart policy design, inclusive stakeholder engagement, conducive context and a coherent implementation strategy. Each one of these dimensions matters to ensure that the review of senior cycle can move forward based on evidence and with strong support from stakeholders.

Available from December 15, 2020

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Executive Summary
Senior cycle in Ireland
Stakeholder engagement in the review of senior cycle
A conducive context for the review of senior cycle
A coherent approach to the next stages of the review of senior cycle
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