Policy Actions for Affordable Housing in Lithuania

Many Lithuanian households struggle to afford good-quality housing. The housing stock is dominated by owner-occupied, multi-apartment buildings that are energy inefficient and face persistent quality gaps. While average household spending on housing is relatively low, house prices have been rising, and many households cannot afford to move to higher quality homes that better suit their needs. Lithuanian policy makers have stepped up support for housing in recent years, but more actions are needed. This report presents the main features of the Lithuanian housing market, highlights housing challenges that have been amplified by the current economic and geopolitical crises, and assesses current policies to address housing affordability and quality gaps. It proposes a series of recommendations to strengthen the supply of and access to affordable housing, and to support Lithuania’s commitment to make housing policy a priority.

Published on June 14, 2023


Executive summary
Summary of main findings and recommendations
The Lithuanian housing market: Quality and affordability gaps in a challenging policy context
Policies for quality housing at an affordable price in Lithuania
A way forward: Making housing a policy priority in Lithuania
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