Green growth and sustainable development


Green Growth Indicators 2017

Green growth policies need to be founded on a good understanding of the determinants of green growth and need to be supported with appropriate indicators to monitor progress. This book presents a selection of updated and new indicators that illustrate the progress that OECD and G20 countries have made since the 1990s. It updates the 2014 edition.

Published on June 20, 2017

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Executive summary
Reader's guide
Progress towards green growth: An overview
The OECD set of green growth indicators
The environmental and resource productivity of the economy5 chapters available
Carbon productivity
Energy productivity
Material productivity and waste
Nutrient flows and balances
Environmentally adjusted multifactor productivity
The natural asset base4 chapters available
Land resources
Forest resources
Freshwater resources
Biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife resources
The environmental quality of life2 chapters available
Air pollution, health risks and costs
Access to water supply, sanitation and sewage treatment
Economic opportunities and policy responses4 chapters available
Technology and innovation
Markets for environmentally related products
International financial flows
Taxes and subsidies
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