Public governance


Gender Equality in the Czech Republic

Strengthening Government Capacity for Gender-sensitive and Inclusive Recovery

EU Funded Note Despite recent progress to improve gender equality in the Czech Republic, several gender gaps persist in different areas of the society and economy. Based on growing evidence on how gender-sensitive policymaking can underpin inclusive growth and resilience, this OECD review has been developed to help the government of the Czech Republic strengthen its capacities for implementing and mainstreaming gender equality across the whole of government. It assesses strategic enablers such as legal and strategic frameworks, the institutional set-up, and accountability mechanisms for gender mainstreaming in the country. It also examines the tools and practices that can be used to inform gender-sensitive policymaking in the Czech Republic. Drawing upon promising practices across OECD countries, it offers evidence-informed recommendations, tailored to the Czech context to improve governance and capacities for accelerating progress in gender equality.

Published on May 29, 2023


Executive summary
The need for gender-sensitive and inclusive policymaking in the Czech Republic
A comparative overview of gender equality outcomes in the Czech Republic
Strategic planning for gender equality policy in the Czech Republic
Getting institutions right in the Czech Republic
Informing gender-sensitive policymaking in the Czech Republic
Gender budgeting in the Czech Republic
Fostering accountability for gender equality policies in the Czech Republic
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