For more than a decade, behavioural insights (BI) have been used by governments around the world as an important tool for improving the effectiveness of public policy. As multi-national organisations, the European Commission and OECD have been supporting the development of this innovative tool across Europe and around the world. This includes conceptual papers, monitoring and documenting the application of BI, and hosting several conferences on this topic.

Now both institutions are joining forces and together will host a conference on behavioural insights on 18-19 June 2020, in Brussels. Research and experience (OECD 2017; Lourenco et al 2016) working with member states has shown that the majority of applications have come at the implementation phase and to ‘nudging’ individual behaviour. However, BI has more to offer: it is a robust methodology for applying a range of behaviourally-informed tools throughout the policy making process, and to influencing the behaviour of organisations – including government itself.

Within this context, this conference will explore the theme Making a lasting change: Behavioural insights for better regulation. It will investigate and provide examples from practitioners of the ways in which BI can be applied internally to government in an effort to improve policy design, implementation, monitoring and outcomes. This theme will be explored in regards to both thematic (i.e. climate change) and strategic (i.e. reforms and processes) oriented sessions with behavioural practitioners, policy makers, academics and other interested parties from around the world with the goal of:


  • Gaining a better understanding of BI for better regulation at a conceptual level, considering all the ways behavioural science can be used to improve policy making
  • Learning from the experience of policy makers around the world applying BI, with an emphasis on their impact on regulation and other policy instruments
  • Examining the role of behavioural evidence, with special attention to the different methods of research and adequacy for providing robust support to policy


  • Registration: Registration is open. For further information please contact René van Bavel and James Drummond.
  • Dates: 18-19 June 2020
  • Venue: Charlemagne Building, 17- rue de la Loi, Brussels
  • Fees: No registration fees are collected. Participants are expected to book their own travel and accommodations.

Web streaming is envisaged; details to follow.


Emanuele Ciriolo (European Commission)

Marija Sulic (European Commission)

Xavier Troussard (European Commission)

René van Bavel (European Commission)

Marco Daglio (OECD)

James Drummond (OECD)

Nick Malyshev (OECD)

Anna Pietikainen (OECD)