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Countering Illicit Trade

Illicit trade involves goods & services that are deemed illegal as they threaten communities and society as a whole. Illicit trade has a negative impact on economic stability, social welfare, public health, public safety & our environment

Profits of international organised crime are as high as USD 870 billion (1.5% of global GDP) with half of these profits being laundered through the global financial system.

A new report, Illicit Trade: Converging Criminal Networks” gives insight into illegal markets and the connections between different forms of illicit activities in order to help strengthen policies to reduce and deter them.


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Independent Fiscal Institutions

How can Fiscal Councils build up their staying power in a dangerous line of work? 

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Open Government Data 

What are the benefits of making government data freely available to business and citizens?

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Financing Democracy

Trust in Government? There is the perception that when it comes to politics, money talks.

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