Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development


  • Gender Equality & Public Policy

    The OECD Recommendation on Gender Equality in Public Life helps governments promote gender equality in the design, development and implementation of public policy.

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  • Sustainable Development Goals and Public Governance

    The success of the UN Sustainable Development Goals depends to a large extent on the coordination of implementation efforts through good public governance. View the SDG's relating to directly to public governance issues.

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  • COP21 and Public Governance

    Combatting climate change requires coordinated action on multiple levels: between countries but also from the centre of government to line ministries, and on to regional and local governments and their citizens. This web page highlights the main public governance challenges related to climate change.

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Regulation & Inclusive Growth

Regulation is a much-maligned animal. When we hear about it in the papers it is either not doing enough or doing too much.

In the ongoing debate on whether we need more regulation or less regulation, it turns out the answer is: yes. Yes, we need more quality regulations and yes, we need fewer poorly conceived, irrelevant or marginally effective laws that presently bloat the stock of regulations in every country.

But are countries ready to get their regulatory houses in order?


➨ BLOG Regulatory policy: the untapped lever of economic growth

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Independent Fiscal Institutions

How can Fiscal Councils build up their staying power in a dangerous line of work? 

➨ BLOG Can Fiscal Watchdogs Be Fiscal Rescue Dogs?


Open Government Data 

What are the benefits of making government data freely available to business and citizens?

➨ BLOG Shedding Light on Government


Water Governance

By 2050, 4 billion people will live in severely water-stressed areas - how will we manage?

➨ BLOG Diving into Empty Pools



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