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OECD Development Finance Network (DeFiNe)


Financing Development Beyond Aid

The Development Finance Network (DeFiNe) is a global network of think-tanks, research centres and academic institutions from developing, emerging and OECD countries, coordinated by the OECD Development Centre.

Members meet regularly to share the latest research evidence and thinking on how development can be financed beyond aid. DeFiNe supports the flow and exchange of the latest thinking in development finance, and brings into the OECD's work different perspectives and experiences from the local and regional levels. It is also an inclusive space for dialogue on development between OECD and non-OECD members, recognising that successful solutions will only be found by opening up the debate.



Members come together in expert meetings in which they present what they consider to be the key aspects, challenges and solutions for priority issues. Local and regional experiences from Africa, Asia and Latin America are discussed, best practices are shared, and possibilities for replication are assessed. These are informal exchanges, but discussions are targeted and focused, and ultimately strive to propose concrete policy solutions which can be implemented. DeFiNe disseminates its recommendations to a wide range of stakeholders, and ensures a direct line of communication with the policy making community, by inviting and hearing from policy practitioners.


DeFiNe brings together respected institutions with expertise in development finance to provide input into a number of OECD initiatives:
- OECD Global Forum on Development (GFD)

- African Economic Outlook (AEO)

Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO)

Perspectives on Global Development (PGD)

Southeast Asian Economic Outlook (SAEO)


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