Transforming education in Indonesia

Examining the landscape of current reforms

This policy perspective examines Indonesia’s Merdeka Belajar (“Emancipated Learning”) initiative, a comprehensive education reform agenda initiated in 2019. The primary objective of this reform is to enhance learning outcomes, make schooling a more joyful experience, and empower students and school communities. The new "Emancipation Curriculum" emphasises foundational competencies and 21st-century skills and adopts holistic, formative assessment methods. It streamlines content and introduces innovative teaching methods, while increasing teachers' flexibility and autonomy in schools. It also instigates a new model of teacher professional learning. This document contextualises these initiatives within the international education landscape. It offers perspectives on what could help Indonesia ensure the success of these reforms, potentially reshaping the country’s educational future and contributing to its development and prosperity.

Available from January 15, 2024

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